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As a salesman, how to better run business and promote orders?

Salesman is a hard job. Although they earn a lot in others' eyes, they have to work harder than ordinary people. In addition to knowing their own products, they also know all aspects of knowledge, and they also need to know the world. But for those who have just started their business, even if someone else has them, they still don't know where to start. If you are a new salesman or your friends and relatives are salesmen, then you should read this article.

First of all, the most important thing for you to understand your company's products as a salesman is erudition. The first step is to understand your own products. Every customer is different, and every customer's demand is different, which determines that they will ask you all kinds of questions. Don't just follow the instructions to learn about your own products, and explore more performance and positioning of products, so that more consumers will be satisfied when introducing products, and the transaction rate will be more.

Second, understand the customers. After we understand the products, we need to understand the customer groups. Only after we fully understand the customer groups can we start to run business smoothly.

Third, we should have the spirit of hard work. The salary for running business is not low, but it is also very hard. If you don't want to live comfortably, customers will come to you. This society is always oversupply. You need to sacrifice some things, but those are essential. Always turn on the phone. Don't be afraid of being rejected. Treat every customer sincerely. Fourth, be honest. Don't do something bad to make money. Treat others sincerely no matter whether you can sell the product or not. Maybe you haven't got an order, but you get a group of sincere friends. They may be your potential customers in the future.