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Do you want to wrap a gift for your lover or friend? Come and learn!

We often have gifts in our life. Have you ever thought about making them by yourself? If the gifts your friends or lovers receive are packed by yourself, it will be very touching, because what you see is not perfunctory, even if it is not so beautiful, it will be very attentive and moving. But not everyone will pack gifts in life. Let's take a look at a simple way to pack gifts!

First of all, we need to prepare a piece of paper for the square sugar gift box. Then we need to have a square box. It's OK to have a little deviation. Then we start to cut the paper with scissors. For example, the width of the box is about three to five centimeters. Put the box in the middle of the package. Then fold the paper up and stick it on the box. Use transparent tape to put the paper and The box is fixed. We will fold the other two sides of the wrapping paper inside, according to the order, fold it into a beautiful trapezoid, make a mark at the junction of the top and the bottom, fold the paper below, stick the joint of the two places with transparent adhesive tape, and finally pack it with ribbon. The binding method of ribbon can refer to that of cake.

The second packing method is to still prepare the paper, and then put the box on the edge corner of the paper, slowly wrap the box inside and fold it until the end, then press and hold the upper corner, and fold in the left and right in turn. Then the excess paper will be received inside, and finally the handover place will be fixed with transparent tape, which can also be decorated with ribbon. The ribbon color should be matched with the paper color. The above is the way to pack gifts. Have you learned it?