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How to study abroad in general? What are the procedures for studying abroad?

Nowadays, globalization is expanding in the field of educational exchange. More and more young people want to go to the outside world to have a look. Studying abroad is further away from their dreams. However, the economic problem lies ahead. As we all know, the cost of studying abroad needs to take into account the financial capacity of the family. In this case, how can students with ordinary family background go abroad for further study? Next, let's take a look at the experience of studying abroad.

First, take the program of the State Scholarship Fund: the so-called exchange students or public opportunities. You can learn more from the college and school, learn as soon as possible, and prepare in advance. However, this is relatively limited, mainly depends on whether the schools are able to make efforts, and 985/211 institutions will have relatively more opportunities. The main ways of this way are: exchange during the undergraduate period, there is no degree; for the master and doctor, if they want to take this project, it depends on the school policy.

Second, apply for scholarship. However, this requires us to do research, publish papers and practice well; improve GPA, and have a solid academic foundation; test high in GT, and strive for the scholarship of TA and RA. It is better to start preparing GT in sophomore year.

Third, adjust the level or professional direction of the application school. But in the view of the editor, good learning is very important for studying abroad. Or, you should not go, stay at home and develop well, and go to good schools if you want to go abroad.

Fourth, considering our own economic conditions are not so superior, we can choose countries with relatively low costs, such as some small countries in Europe. In addition, we can also see if we can apply for external scholarship, such as CSC scholarship, or some enterprise scholarship.

Finally, we can find professional people to consult, and ask more senior brothers and sisters or some powerful consultants. Maybe their experience will help you make the right decisions on the key nodes of application, such as the adjustment of the country and major, and the promotion of the probability of scholarship, which can bring us guidance and help to study abroad.