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Women with breasts are more beautiful no longer Princess Taiping

Beautiful breasts give women more attractive charm, but also can improve women's self-confidence and happiness. Many 'Princess Taiping' are really worried about their breasts, so how should women breast?

one of the ways for women to have breast enhancement: bra should be suitable. In addition to preventing sagging of the breast, the more important role of bra is to prevent further compression of the compressed breast nerve and eliminate discomfort. If you want to buy a comfortable bra, you must try it on yourself. Even if you know the size, you may have to try it on yourself because of the recent changes in body shape and size.

Women how to breast method two: 'three positions' correct. The so-called "three postures" are sleeping, standing and sitting. When standing, look at the front naturally, lift your head and chest up, and straighten your shoulders naturally without bending. The head and neck should be naturally perpendicular to the shoulders, and the ears, shoulders and hands should be in a straight line as much as possible. You must always keep the posture of standing up and not hunchback, or your chest will droop; when you sit, you should keep your head up and chest straight, and keep it perpendicular to your hips. The posture with chest will make your chest lose the feeling of standing up and sagging, and sleep on the right side is the best sleeping posture, which is good for your chest.

How to breast three: massage. If you want to breast enhancement, massage is also a good way, is absolutely not to ignore the chest massage. Every day, massage around the breast clockwise and anticlockwise until the skin is slightly red and hot, and then lift and pull the nipple. In this way, the fat tissue, breast tube and mustard tissue of the chest can be stimulated, so as to promote the expansion of the chest and keep the skin elastic.

How to breast four: nutrition. The nutrition in development is indispensable, so the simplest method of daily breast enhancement can start from diet. Breast is mainly composed of breast and fat, so diet is not advisable for breast enlargement. Usually, we should eat more foods containing vitamin E, which can promote the development of ovary and increase the activity of egg cells. In addition, you can eat more cabbage, cauliflower, sesame oil, etc., and more vitamin B foods.