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There's no traffic. I'll teach you to rub other people's WiFi

In the era of smart phones, the data traffic is fast, and the monthly traffic is used up by accident. When you open the WiFi list, but you can't connect because you don't have a password, you may be in a broken mood. It's OK. Xiaobian is here to teach you how to wipe WiFi for free.

First of all, we need to download a mobile software, which is called WiFi universal key. Apple Mobile can search and download directly in app store, and Android mobile users can search and download in major application markets.

Then, after the download and installation, open the software, check the automatic backup and agreement agreement, click Start WiFi journey, and enter the official interface of the universal key. As we all know, the password of wireless network is set by individuals, and the working principle of WiFi universal key is to get and upload the known WiFi signature and password in your mobile phone to their server. When another user needs the WiFi password, he can get the WiFi password directly from the server, so there will still be some WiFi passwords that have not been sent If you get it, there is no way to connect it. When we open the official interface of the universal key, we try to find WiFi with small key behind the name to connect, which means that the server matches the WiFi resources and it is easier to connect successfully.

Finally, we click on a WiFi to be connected, the operation list will pop up, click on 'universal key automatic connection', and then wait for a while, you will find that the magic is that the mobile phone has been connected to the WiFi.

Of course, if you don't have any software in the current range that can show the WiFi that can be cracked, don't be discouraged. You can try several times more, maybe you can crack it.