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If you want to set up the virtual memory of the computer, let me show you the specific methods

Virtual memory, also known as virtual memory, is a management technology for computer to manage its own system memory. In general, the running programs of the computer are executed by the memory of the computer. If the running programs are too large, they will exceed the memory range of the computer itself. Then the memory of the computer will not be enough. At this time, the virtual memory of the computer needs to be managed. How to manage the virtual memory of the computer? Then I'll introduce how to manage virtual memory in detail. Let's have a look at it with friends in need.

The first step is to find the option "my computer" on the desktop, which can also be found at the beginning of the lower left corner. Then select the "my computer" option, click the right mouse button, and select the "properties" option at the bottom, a dialog box will pop up.

Then you can click Advanced options in the toolbar at the top of the dialog box, click settings under performance, another dialog box will pop up, select advanced options as well, and then click the change button below. Select a custom size and enter values in the initial size and maximum. Generally speaking, the minimum value of virtual memory is one to one and a half times of its own physical memory, and the maximum value of virtual memory is two to two and a half times of its own physical memory. After entering the value, you can click OK.

Finally, a prompt box will appear to remind you that if the changes take effect, you need to restart the computer, and click OK. Then you will be prompted by whether to restart immediately, click OK, and the computer will restart automatically. After the computer restarts successfully, the virtual internal roughness will take effect.