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Set up personal website to show personal style

With the continuous development of network technology and information age, network application has penetrated into every corner of people's life, affecting people's life. As the support point of the network world, the website is the focus that people pay special attention to. The website has also become a publishing station for information. Enterprises use the website to carry out extensive publicity. The government uses the website to publicize policy guidelines. Individuals use the website to show their unique style. The website has become an important hub for information exchange and an important bridge for mutual exchange. Nowadays, more and more people want to own their own websites and create their own Internet world. Today, Xiaobian will tell you the steps of establishing websites.

step 1: first apply for a domain name. There are many companies that buy domain name space on the Internet. They can buy it directly from them. Then they need to resolve the domain name, or they can ask businesses for help.

Step 2: buy servers or virtual hosts. There are also many servers and virtual hosts on the network. You can buy directly from them to place website programs. Website space can be divided into domestic space and foreign space. Domestic space is faster than foreign space, but it is also more expensive and needs to be recorded.

Step 3: determine the type of website, choose or develop website programs. Now there are many open source programs on the Internet, some of which are very good. You can also choose the corresponding source code according to the type of your website.

Step 4: if all the above preparations are finished, we can start to build our own website. Resolve the domain name to the server or virtual space address, bind the domain name, and then upload the website program. Note to point the domain name to the virtual host space, and bind the domain name on the virtual host.