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Is oneself phlegm wet constitution? These tips can help you lose weight effectively

The phlegm dampness constitution is characterized by obesity, abdominal fullness, chest tightness and shortness of breath, and drowsiness. Generally speaking, this is caused by the patient's improper diet and lack of exercise. Then what method can help the person of phlegm wet constitution lose weight? Next, I will introduce some ways to help people with phlegm dampness constitution lose weight. Let's take a look at the patients with phlegm dampness constitution.

Phlegm dampness constitution lose weight method one: adjust diet lose weight method. The obesity of phlegm dampness constitution is generally caused by the disorder of liver function caused by overeating, often eating sweets and drinking. So phlegm dampness constitution people want to lose weight, must first adjust their eating habits. In daily life, we should eat more vegetables and fruits that are good for invigorating the spleen and promoting dampness, such as cabbage, onions, lentils, loquats, red dates and other foods. We must not eat sweets, drink alcohol, and pay attention to our daily eating speed.

Phlegm dampness constitution lose weight method 2: exercise lose weight. The reason why most people are fat is that they lack exercise at ordinary times, and phlegm dampness constitution is no exception. Phlegm dampness constitution people want to lose weight, they must start to exercise, there are many ways to exercise, you can choose to run, swim, play ball and other sports, these can be very good weight loss. It's better to exercise every morning, so the effect will be better.

Phlegm dampness constitution lose weight method three: Chinese medicine lose weight. Phlegm dampness constitution can choose Chinese medicine method to lose weight, not only can improve their own constitution, but also can effectively lose weight. It can be boiled with several pieces of tangerine peel and dried lotus leaf, and it can also be boiled with Chinese herbs such as Geranium yellow, tangerine peel, Pinellia ternate, Scutellaria, liquorice, etc., which can dry and wet phlegm and regulate qi and blood, so as to effectively lose weight.

The obesity of phlegm dampness constitution is caused by many aspects, which is more difficult to lose weight than ordinary obesity. Therefore, we must treat our phlegm dampness constitution according to the specific conditions, so that we can lose weight naturally.