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How can social phobia be overcome by fear of communicating in public?

Social intercourse is an indispensable activity in modern life. However, many introverted people, especially young women, will feel panic in interpersonal intercourse, and appear blushing, sweating, rapid heartbeat, stuttering and helpless. This phenomenon is called "social phobia". So how can we overcome social phobia?

Look at reality. The first step is to understand what kind of chemical reactions are going on in your brain when you feel anxious and timid. You're not abnormal. Your brain just reacts abnormally to new stimuli, making you handle it with great care. Knowing this will help you understand what's going on and make you more relaxed in the future. You don't have to be shy and anxious. Tell yourself that it's just the reaction of some chemicals and cells to some nonexistent threats. Don't panic (ignore the beating heart and sweaty palm), calm down and deal with it rationally.

Don't dwell on negative thoughts. When making a speech, there are usually three related concepts: what you intend to present, what you actually present and what you want to present. When you focus on what you can improve, those negative thoughts are a vicious circle. When you leave a meeting, party, or social situation, don't think about the better things you should have done. Don't think about "why did I say that?". Everyone talks nonsense from time to time. However, focusing on the negative will make you believe that you are a person who says the wrong thing in social occasions, and this idea will often appear. Realize that everyone is going to say the wrong thing. Don't get tangled up and ignore it.

No pressure applied. Don't feel pressured by being funny, humorous or conversational. Be the most normal and natural yourself. That is to say, the pressure to be someone increases social anxiety and timidity. You've had countless conversations in your life, and your next one is just a little test. You don't have to be the life of the whole party. Be the best you can be, say what you think, when you have to say something. If you don't need to talk, don't feel pressure, just calm down and have a good time.