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Too much knowledge to remember, endorsement becomes the biggest problem of learning

In learning, we need to memorize many knowledge points by rote, but the words we need to memorize are really dazzling. I don't know how to start. I forget the front after I recite the back, and forget the back again after I recite the front, but I can't reach the effect of reason all the time. I avoided mathematics and chemistry, but I didn't expect to be stopped by endorsement, many about endorsement The panacea is all exaggeration. There is no best technique, but there is a reasonable way to make endorsement no longer painful.

The most reliable way to understand and remember is to understand the meaning of the text, the knowledge points and the key words. In this way, it will be easier to recite and more reliable. It's better to remember the notes and translation, understand the content of the text, and recite according to the translation and the content of the text, which will be much easier and achieve twice the result with half the effort.

It's not easy to forget: People's memory is time-consuming, so we must always recall the knowledge and text we have recited. We can take a walk, or go home and recall what we learned today. It's the best way to strengthen our memory. Of course, before going to bed, it's the best way to recite it in our mind. At 10 o'clock in the evening, it's the time when people have better memory Intermediate points are conducive to remembering knowledge points.

Read aloud and remember deeply: don't look only with your eyes when you remember, it's not only slow to remember, but also easy to doze off. We must drive up other organs of the body. We can write and draw in the book with the pen in hand, and read aloud by the way to strengthen memory. But read aloud to pay attention to the surrounding environment yo, some of the environment is not loud.

Listening to the recording is the best way: record the text, listen to it every day, and you will repeat it.