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Master small tricks to relieve flatulence easily

Flatulence is mostly due to flatulence of the stomach and intestines, which is quite common in gastrointestinal diseases. Sometimes you just need to exercise and walk, and there will be no problem. Sometimes it makes you roll on the bed because of the pain. There are many reasons for flatulence, which may be caused by our eating, large intestine, or gastrointestinal diseases. For example, when the stomach is too sour and the pressure is high, the heart rate will speed up and the blood pressure will rise, which will slow down the gastrointestinal peristalsis and also produce abdominal distension. Here is an introduction to the method of flatulence.

First, we can apply essential balm to the abdomen, then rub the palms with heat, and massage on the abdomen for a few minutes, which can quickly help eliminate flatulence. If abdominal distention is difficult to eliminate, you can use peppermint oil to smear around the navel to eliminate abdominal distention.

Second, don't lie on the bed or sofa all the time when you exercise the flatulence, it will only aggravate the flatulence. You may as well do some small exercises. Taking a walk or doing some housework can quickly help eliminate the flatulence.

Third, lie on the sofa or bed, bend your knees, hug your calves with both hands, and try to keep your thighs close to your stomach. This action can effectively help exhaust gas, reduce gas accumulation in the stomach, and quickly help exhaust gas. Before going to bed, do it often to protect the stomach and intestines.

Fourth, we can also relieve flatulence by eating some foods that are easy to exhaust. Most fruits and vegetables have the function of exhaust. Flatulence may be caused by eating too fast, swallowing too fast, drinking less water and irregular work and rest. Flatulence may be caused by eating more food itself, such as beans, apples, peaches, Cereals, potatoes and other potato food. Dairy food is also a very easy to produce flatulence food. Usually, you can drink a little mint tea and orange tea to relieve flatulence. If you want to exhaust when flatulence, don't hold it. You can temporarily avoid the crowd and release it to relieve the pressure on your stomach.

Finally, what we should pay attention to is to change the way of life after dinner. Don't go to sleep too fast after dinner, or sit on the sofa all the time. You can get up and wash the dishes, take a walk, and do some gentle and gentle exercise to help digestion.