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Convenient and practical little trick, easy to solve flatulence

Flatulence is a problem that many friends will encounter. When we have flatulence, it's a very hard thing. In addition to taking medicine, there are some small ways to solve flatulence. What should we do if we don't digest flatulence?

One: the treatment of gastric distention with gougan decoction. Feel abdominal flatulence, and accompanied by a burning feeling, atheromatous soup can make a lot of bad feeling relieved. Rice porridge and barley porridge have good effects on relieving flatulence.

Two: drink vinegar to relieve flatulence. When there is flatulence, you can add a proper amount of vinegar to drinking water, and the symptoms of flatulence can be relieved quickly.

Three: hot compress and massage can relieve the flatulence of stomach. Lie on the bed or sofa, bend your feet, and put hot towel on your stomach. And gently massage the stomach with both hands, so as to promote the discharge of gas in the stomach, and the symptoms of flatulence can be effectively solved naturally.

Fourth: Stomach Qi distention can take digestive medicine. In many cases, flatulence is caused by overeating, overeating and dyspepsia. Therefore, taking some digestive drugs such as metoclopramide and domperidone is very helpful to solve flatulence.

5. Eat less food that may cause flatulence. Beans are easy to cause flatulence. Onions, broccoli, whole wheat flour, turnips, bananas are also easy to cause flatulence. Our unhealthy diet is an important factor of flatulence. When we eat, we devour, drink less water, eat unbalanced meals and have irregular work and rest. If you want to change, you must first change your eating habits: when you eat, chew slowly and don't eat too much or too much at one time. Drink as little or no carbonated drinks as possible. Make sure to cook beans until they are rotten before eating them. Second, change the way after dinner. Don't go to sleep after supper, or sit on the sofa all the time. You can get up and wash a bowl, take a walk, and do some gentle and gentle exercise to help digestion.