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The taste of lemon is changeable. Salted Lemon is more delicious

As a fruit, lemon is very effective. Girls like lemons more, how to say? Lemon can be whitening, used to make facial mask is super good, but also can taste, and the smell is still very fragrant, the taste is not bad. There are many ways to eat lemon. Today, Xiaobian will introduce a way to eat lemon -- salty lemon. Salty lemon not only can keep longer, but also has medicinal value. About the salty lemon salting method, let's have a look!

First of all, we should prepare the ingredients. If we want to marinate lemon quickly, we need to prepare fresh lemon. Generally Salted Lemon, we use green lemon, yellow lemon is OK, but green lemon may taste better. We need to wash the lemons. After washing, we need to soak them in salt water. This is the preparation of ingredients.

Next, we need to prepare salted containers. We usually use glass containers to marinate lemon. First, we need to find a large glass bottle or jar to marinate lemon. Generally, the glass container is better to have a slightly smaller bottleneck. When these are ready, we can start to marinate lemon officially.

The first step in salting lemons is to put them in the VAT. First put the lemon soaked in water into the jar, and then put salt in the jar. We should remember that the salt should be placed next to the lemon, and generally put salt one layer at a time. Salt must cover the lemon. After we put the lemon and salt in place, we can consider sealing the container. After sealing, we can open the container every other day or two to observe the salting state of the Salted Lemon, so that we can successfully pickle the Salted Lemon. After all this is done, all that remains is waiting. You can eat salty lemon in a few days.

Salted Lemon has some good medicinal value. It can help us to treat cough. When we find ourselves coughing badly, we can consider salting a little lemon, and the pickling method is super simple. Let's try!