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Is there any authority in hair paternity test

Once seen on television, such a bridge, a man who had been separated from his sister for many years, met a girl and came to the house where the girl lived. He saw a very familiar book. He remembered that he had sent his sister a identical copy when he was a child. His instinct told him that the man was his sister, so he took a hair from her comb and hid it. After the hospital and his father finished the DNA comparison, the girl was not his sister, but they were real brothers and sisters. Why was DNA certification that way? Is it reliable to do blood certification with hair? Is the right of paternity test authoritative?

As mentioned above, the man just took a hair from the comb and hid it. The sample for parent-child identification must have hair follicles. He may take the broken hair. Secondly, he cannot touch the hair follicles of the hair sample with his hands. In fact, the hair parent-child identification is not to analyze the components of hair or other, but to analyze the cells in the hair follicle, and then carry out gene comparison. It can be seen that the paternity test of hair is still reliable, but there are many precautions. It is recommended to test the living cell tissues such as blood and cavity mucous membrane cells.

What should we pay attention to in paternity test? What are you going to do? First of all, of course, it's mentality. If you want to think about it well, if not, don't be too sad and disappointed. When collecting samples, clean hands should be worn, preferably medical gloves, followed by clean envelopes. Write the name of the father and the child on the envelope, put the hair with hair follicles, and pull at least 5 hairs from the hair, eyelashes, armpit hair and other places. This method is not recommended for children who are too young. And it is recommended to go to a regular hospital for examination. Generally, there are appraisal results within two weeks.

In a word, hair can be used for paternity test with high accuracy.