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Taobao store sales volume is not high, how to quickly do the volume up?

Now many people have started e-commerce, the most common one is Taobao store, but not everyone has a high sales volume. With a good sales volume, others will see this product directly after opening Taobao. The three companies will choose the one with high sales volume. More and more people will buy it, and the sales volume will be higher and higher, thus forming a virtuous circle. So how can we quickly increase sales? Come and have a look!

First of all, let's make profits. For some people who have bought things in the store, we can give them some preferential policies to make them consume again. At the time of each delivery, you can add a leaflet to the package, with a group number written on it, that is, the group that provides benefits. In the group, you often talk about the dynamics of your shop. If there are new products coming out, you can give priority to the old customers. If the old customers buy them, you can give them a small red bag.

Second, our current life is inseparable from online red. We can apply to be a talent, and then we often send some news about this on Taobao. For example, if you sell clothes, you will send some news about how to match the clothes, what kind of body suits what kind of clothes and so on.

Third, we should have some popular styles to promote new products. For example, a coat can drive a pair of pants or a pair of shoes. Appropriate activities should be carried out on the premise that the stop loss standard should be set and money should not be lost.

Fourth, if it's entirely a new store, with no regular customers or activities, we'll make some gifts, buy them and give them away. Or we can adopt a policy of unconditional return within seven days. The return is OK, and the gifts can not be returned. This will inspire many people to buy. Although some people will actually return the goods, you need to believe that there are not many people like that.