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Delicious chopped peppers for appetizers? How to make chopped peppers quickly?

Pepper is a good thing, can have a very good appetizer, eat in summer can make people sweat, prevent heatstroke, eat in winter can resist cold, prevent cold, is a delicious and healthy food. Hunan people make a big pot of chopped chili every year when it comes to the market. It can be eaten this year. It can be eaten directly or used as seasoning when cooking. It tastes sour and spicy, very delicious, and the color of red and fire can also stimulate people's appetite, making dishes more attractive.

There are a lot of chopped peppers in the supermarket, some of which are not simply chopped peppers, such as' fish head with chopped peppers', 'Flammulina mushroom with chopped peppers' and so on. They are rich in varieties, but no matter how you eat them, they are not the most authentic flavor of hometown. I feel that a lot of extra things have been added. So how to make authentic chopped peppers? Let's study together!

First, prepare the small red pepper, then prepare garlic and ginger, wash the red pepper and control the dry water, put it in the dry place to dry for a period of time, and remove the remaining water. Garlic and ginger should also be dried, and the chopping board used to cut chili should also be dried. When everything is ready, we can start to make chopped chili.

The second step is to cut the red pepper into small pieces first, and then slowly chop them all. It's better to wear a mask when chopping, to prevent choking, and also to wear gloves, otherwise it's hard to recover if it's hot. Then cut ginger and garlic, also cut into pieces first, then cut into pieces and then start to chop.

The third step is to put the pepper, ginger and garlic together in a clean basin, stir them, add salt and wine, and then put them into the pot to keep them, isn't it very simple?