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How does toothache do? What method can fast stop toothache?

Most of us have experienced toothache. When toothache starts, we are always caught off guard. It makes people have no appetite. Even if they have a bad appetite, they can't sleep well. If the pain is serious, they may have pain in one night. It makes people miserable. They don't want to talk because of the pain. Depression is coming. In fact, there are some ways in our life that can be used for 'emergency', and can quickly relieve toothache. What are the specific methods? Let's have a look!

First of all, the first method is to believe that everyone's home has a refrigerator. As long as there is a refrigerator, there will be ice blocks. There is a toothache that is painful in the face of heat. Most of it is pus. We can apply ice on the cheek, wrap the ice blocks on the cheek with a towel, and quickly alleviate the toothache symptoms.

The second method is to use wine and gargle with wine to quickly relieve toothache. If you want to quickly relieve pain, you can use white wine and a little salt, then burn it open and cool it, and then hold it in the toothache area in your mouth. You can quickly relieve pain, and spit it out in a minute. At the beginning, it will be a bit hot mouth, and the toothache will be relieved after spitting out. However, it must not be swallowed, or the bacteria in the mouth will be swallowed into the stomach.

The third way is to use salt. If you don't have wine, you can use salt directly. Add salt into warm water, and then rinse your mouth vigorously. It can also stop toothache. If there is lilac flower, it's better to apply it directly to the toothache place. Pay attention to chew lilac flower and apply it again. It can not only relieve toothache quickly, but also keep toothache free for a long time.

The above is a quick way to stop toothache. Everyone can try it, and it will soon stop toothache.