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Want to know how to carve seals quickly? Teach you quick and practical tips

Although seal is not very common in our daily life, it also needs to be used in many times, such as signing a contract or signing some other documents. So what's the quick way to carve the seal? Next, the editor will introduce the methods and steps of rapid seal engraving for you. Let's have a look together if you need.

Step 1: prepare raw materials. It needs professional tools to carve seals, so we should prepare the tools before carving seals. First of all, we need to prepare a printing stone, then a cutting knife, then a copy paper, mirror, sanding paper, printing mud, brush, ink and a piece of white paper. These are necessary things. We must prepare them before we can do them. When we can save time, we have to find them again, and waste time.

The second step of rapid seal carving: Stone mounting. Shangshi can be divided into two methods, the first is watermark method and the second is anti writing method. The watermark method is to write the words on the copy paper with a brush first, then the word-of-mouth will only be dried and then the copy paper will be pasted on the printing stone in turn, and then it can be carved with a knife according to the above. The reverse writing method is to write the characters on the paper directly without copying the paper, and then look at the characters on the paper through the mirror, and then directly carve the characters displayed in the mirror on the stone with a carving knife. Watermark method is suitable for beginners, and reverse writing method is suitable for experienced engravers.

Step 3: modify. First, polish the surface of the printed stone with abrasive paper, then dip it with printing mud, and then print it on the white paper to see if there is any deficiency, and then modify it. Before modification, it is necessary to wash and dry the ink mud on the stone with water before modification, so as to prevent modification from mistakes and damage of the seal.