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How does infant have a fever to do? What are the best ways to reduce fever for children?

Every baby is the heart and soul of their parents, and every baby will experience a fever. For those who are not parents, they may not feel much, but for those who are already parents, they are particularly worried about what kind of trouble they have, especially fever. Many times the baby has a fever, the new parents don't know how to do it, and some even take the wrong way, which leads to the baby's fever more and more serious, so what should the baby do if it has a fever? Let's have a look at the new parents!

First of all, we should be clear that the level of fever does not reflect the severity of the disease. Some people have a fever of 40 degrees, which may mean that there are some mild infections. Those with a fever of 38 degrees also have a very serious disease. If the baby has a fever and is crying all the time, sleeps deeply, neck is inflexible, body twitches, moves strangely, breath sound is abnormal, skin is abnormal, we must send the baby to the hospital.

Second, we need to keep the air circulation in the house. If the air conditioner is turned on, we need to lower the temperature of the air conditioner to about 25 degrees. If the baby's body becomes very cold and shivers, we can raise the temperature a little. If the baby's body is very hot, we can lower the temperature a little.

Third, reduce the number of clothes on the baby's body, wipe the baby's body with warm water of about 37 degrees, so that the hot air in the baby's body can quickly spread out, or mixed with alcohol water, so that the baby's rapid heat dissipation. You can also use antipyretic stickers, which are sold in drugstores.

Fourth, if your baby has a fever, you should drink more water to avoid dehydration caused by fever. If it's really serious, you can take some antipyretics suitable for children.