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The stature is not high very inferiority, which method can grow?

We all know how important height is to the first impression. There are many people who are sad because they are not tall. They are very envious of other people's big legs and tall people, and they can only follow other people's buttocks, which is very heartfelt. Many people use a lot of methods to grow tall, but they have no effect. In fact, as long as the skeleton is not closed, everyone has the possibility of growing tall, and can no longer envy others. So what are the ways to grow fast? Come and have a look!

First of all, we should go to bed early and get up early. Only when we keep enough sleep, can our bodies grow better. The age of adolescence is the age of curiosity about everything, which leads to many people staying up late at night, chasing dramas, playing games, and then sleeping up to the next day. This is very wrong. The night is the golden time for our body to recover. Although we can't see the change of our body in a short period of time, it will definitely have an impact if the time is long.

Second, we should stay away from unhealthy food. Adolescence children like to eat fried food, fast food, barbecue and other messy food. They like this kind of delicious food. In fact, we can eat some light food. We can make light food with good color, fragrance and taste, and eat more high protein food, such as eggs, milk and so on.

Third, there should be proper sports. Don't stay at home or at school all day long. Boys can play basketball, football, girls can play badminton, jump rope and so on. They can help to grow tall. Even if they can't grow tall, they are slim and look tall!

The above is a fast and long way. We should have confidence in ourselves. Don't be disappointed after trying for a week or two without any change. We can only succeed if we stick to it.