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Crocodiles climb into houses in the middle of the night. It's cruel. Crocodiles are frightened in th

On the morning of Friday (31st local time), a resident in Shimizu, Florida, found an alligator more than 3 meters long in his kitchen. The alligator did not cause anyone injury. At present, the local police and catchers have successfully captured the crocodile and transferred it safely.

According to NBC, the owner of the house said that the uninvited guest climbed into the house from the low window at night and broke four bottles of red wine. Qiao an & middot, spokesman of Qingshui police; Castelli called the crocodile 'very fierce' and broke the window in order to climb into the house.

Afterwards, the Qingshui police jokingly wrote on Twitter: 'I'll meet the crocodile' and added the crocodile emoticon.