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What does grain in ear mean? What crops are planted in ear

Grain in ear is the ninth of the twenty-four solar terms in the lunar calendar, and the third solar term in summer, indicating the official beginning of midsummer; The sun reaches the Yellow meridian 75 DEG; It is called grain in ear solar term. Generally, around June 6, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River will enter the rainy yellow plum season. 2019 ear planting time: Thursday, June 6, 2019 07:06:18

What does grain in ear mean

Grain in ear literally means' wheat with awns can be harvested quickly, and rice with awns can be planted '. The word' awn 'of grain in ear refers to the harvest of awned plants such as wheat, and the word' seed 'of grain in ear refers to the sowing season of millet crops.' The homonym of the word 'grain in ear' indicates that all crops are 'busy planting'. Therefore, 'grain in ear' is also known as' busy planting 'and' busy planting ', which is the season when farmers are busy sowing in the field. Zuohe's "grain in ear" poem called its weather and busy farming situation as "sunny and spicy unloading clothes, plum rain rising Xiaoxiao Liutang. Nanling is surrounded by Hezhuang day, and the wheat harvest on both sides of the river is busy. ".

What crops are planted in ear

Grain in ear season has abundant rainfall and significantly elevated temperature. It is the busiest season for wheat and other awned summer crops to mature and cultivate. The half month from grain in ear to summer solstice is the busy climax of autumn crop sowing, transplanting, seedling management and fully entering summer harvest, summer seed and summer management.

Grain in ear is a busy farming season and the busiest time for farmers. Every family is working in the field, busy with the harvesting of Cereals, wheat and beans, rice planting, topdressing, etc.