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How to remove the trouble of static electricity quickly

Every time in winter, it's not only cold that bothers us, but also a naughty boy, that is static electricity. Static electricity is a kind of substance. In cold weather, chemical fiber underwear, carpet, cushion and wallpaper can produce static electricity when they are rubbed. Perhaps the most intuitive impression is that when you take off your sweater at night, it will make a crackling sound. This is static electricity.

Is static electricity harmful to people? The answer is yes, static electricity can make people uncomfortable, cause headache, insomnia, restlessness and even lead to rash and arrhythmia, and for people with neurasthenia and psychosis, the harm of static electricity to them is even greater. So how can we eliminate the influence of static electricity on people? Xiaobian brings us the following methods:

First, increase wet method. I believe everyone has found out why there is static electricity in winter but not in summer? It has a lot to do with the humidity in the air. When the indoor air humidity is less than 30%, static electricity is very easy to generate, and when the humidity is increased to 45%, static electricity is very difficult to generate. We can use this principle to improve the indoor air humidity. If possible, we can use a humidifier. If not, we can put two basins of water in the room instead.

Second, the old TV display will produce electrostatic particles around the screen when it works, and these particles absorb the dust in the air because they carry static electricity, which has adverse effects on the human body, so it is better not to put the TV in the bedroom.

Third, it's better to wear pure cotton underwear in winter, so as to reduce the generation of static electricity and reduce the adverse effects on people.

Fourth, take a bath frequently and change clothes frequently, which can effectively eliminate the static charge accumulated on the surface of the human body

Fifth, there will be a lot of static charges generated by friction when combing hair. We can choose to use a pure wood comb, which can appropriately reduce the generation of static charges when combing hair.