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What should I do if I'm drunk? A simple way to help you get rid of wine quickly

China is a big cultural country, and wine culture is also very popular. For the sake of social intercourse and etiquette, we often drink a lot of time. Drinking is not difficult for those who have a good amount of alcohol, but for those who have a low amount of alcohol, drinking is a very uncomfortable thing. Light drinkers are very likely to get drunk. Drunk accident and hurt, but can not refuse. At this time, we can only find a way to let ourselves sober up quickly. How to sober up quickly and simply? Let's have a look at the sharing methods of Xiaobian!

The first quick way to get rid of wine -- fruit way. Fruit can help us to get rid of wine quickly. When you are drunk, you can consider eating some fruit to sober up quickly. When drunk, the body will produce alcohol poisoning. Our intestines and stomachs will be uncomfortable, and we will feel sick and vomiting. Most of them are the result of a lot of stomach acid. Fruits are mostly alkaline food, which can neutralize stomach acid, help us relieve the discomfort and achieve the purpose of fast sobering up. Usually, the fruits that can be used to dissolve wine include oranges, lemons, pears, etc. We can try.

The second quick way to get rid of wine is yogurt. Yogurt can help us to get rid of wine quickly. We can think about some yogurt before drinking, which can help us to sober up quickly after drinking. After we get drunk, we can also consider drinking yoghurt, and the effect is good.

The third simple and quick way to solve the problem is to solve the problem by tea. When we find ourselves drunk, we can think about making a bowl of tea to help us to get rid of alcohol quickly. Drinking Jiejiu tea is the most widely used and commonly used way for us. If we can't make Jiejiu tea, we can ask the doctor for help or go to the pharmacy directly. We can consider taking a little antidote to help us get rid of alcohol quickly.

Besides the small methods shared by Xiaobian, there are other small methods. We can try to eat some small sweets when drinking. These small sweets can also help us to solve the problem quickly. Although drinking is inevitable, we can find a way to sober up quickly. You can try the sharing method of Xiaobian!