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What did Bai Yansong say to Liu Xin? Why did you answer all the time without asking questions

What did Bai Yansong say to Liu Xin? Why did you answer all the time without asking questions? Liu Xin: I can ask questions, but I choose not to ask questions. Many viewers of Fox TV station have great dissatisfaction and misunderstanding about China. If I am more aggressive and constantly want to win, my image in their eyes must be very negative, which is not good for the communication between the Chinese and American people.


Liu Xin was accused of lack of aura in the debate between Chinese and beautiful anchor, and I responded

At 8:25 a.m. Beijing time on May 30, cgtn female anchor Liu Xin met with Fox Business Channel female anchor Cui Xi & middot; Trish Regan held an open dialogue on Sino US trade and other related topics.

For the cross-border dialogue between Liu Xin and Cuixi, most of the outside world interpreted it as' debate ', and some even commented that Liu Xin had insufficient aura as a' debater ', which was more like an interview.

In this regard, Liu Xin responded that this is a dialogue, a heart to heart talk. And for Tracy & middot; According to the performance of Trish Regan, Liu Xin said: 'it's very good. She didn't stick to her original point of view for pride.'

What do foreign netizens think after the first live contest between Chinese and beautiful anchor? The first "live broadcast on the same stage and cross ocean competition" of Chinese and beautiful anchor has just come to an end, which has triggered a heated discussion on the Internet at home and abroad. In the nearly 16 minute live broadcast, Cuixi asked a series of sharp questions, while Liu Xin answered patiently and calmly on behalf of herself. Tracy, who originally advocated "there must be a war" between China and the United States (economy), also admitted at the end of the program that the trade war "is not good for anyone". Liu Xin's speech and views have won praise from many foreign netizens. At the same time, some people criticized Cuixi's "no facts in the whole process" and that her preparations were not as good as Liu Xin's.