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How to make Babao porridge? How to make delicious eight treasure porridge quickly?

Babao porridge is a very delicious food, no matter the elderly and children like it, especially when the air is dry, so Babao porridge is a very healthy food, although it needs more ingredients, but the nutrition is too rich. Many people can't cook Babao porridge that way, either it's too thin or it's too dry. So how to make the best eight treasure porridge? Let's study together!

First of all, we need to go to the vegetable market to buy the necessary ingredients. We need to buy rice, millet, red beans, mung beans, job's tears, black rice, red dates, etc. these ingredients are not necessarily this combination, but also can be selected according to their favorite ingredients, such as corn, oatmeal, soybeans, lotus seeds, peanuts, etc. they can be washed three times, washed three times, and poured into the pot together. Red jujube is a very important ingredient, which can greatly increase the aroma of Babao porridge. We can cut it into small pieces and put it in, which can give out its flavor, and the nutritional value of red jujube is also very high.

The second step is to add some water into the pot. If the pot wants to be fast, we'd better choose the pressure cooker and close the lid of the pressure cooker. Then there are usually many buttons on it, such as' cook soup, porridge, cook rice, heat preservation 'and so on. If we choose the' cook porridge 'button, we can patiently wait for a pot of fresh Babao porridge to come out.

Step 3: when the pressure cooker displays "heat preservation", we must first unplug the power supply, and then turn on the cooker after the gas in the pressure cooker is discharged. When the porridge is hot, you can add some sugar to it to add a little sweetness.

This is how a pot of delicious eight treasure porridge is cooked. You can buy your own ingredients and try it at home.