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How to upgrade Posts quickly? These moves make Xiaobai your God

As a kind of Internet community, the post bar is very popular. There are many friends from all over the world. They are in the post bar, sharing resources, sharing life and seeking help. Post bar can be said to be a part of their life, they are happy to travel in the post bar. It's really a good community to make friends with, but for the little white of it, it's boring. So how to upgrade the post quickly? Editor to share a few small ways, let you from small white God.

The first way to quickly upgrade the post bar -- check in upgrade method. For newcomers to the post bar, check-in is the fastest way to upgrade. As long as we check in on time every day and keep going, we can upgrade quickly. Post bar upgrade requires experience. Check in can get experience most quickly, which is much easier than post.

The second method of fast upgrade is communication and exchange upgrade. If we want to quickly upgrade our post bar level, then we need to actively communicate with our friends. How to communicate? It is to send some posts and reply to some posts. These are good ways to help us quickly upgrade the post bar, and we can also accumulate a lot of experience.

The third way to upgrade quickly is to participate in the activity upgrade. Many post activities will be announced inside the post bar. At this time, we need to actively sign up for it. Taking part in activities can help us quickly accumulate experience and upgrade our posts.

These are some ways to quickly upgrade the post bar. Of course, there are many ways to quickly upgrade the post bar waiting for us to explore. We can explore it ourselves. Post bar is a good place, we can be more active in it, maybe we can also harvest a different friendship.