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Socks don't dry well in winter? How to dry socks quickly

As we all know, clothes are hard to dry in winter or rainy days, especially socks. Because socks are smaller, dehydration is not as dry as other clothes. What's the way to make socks dry quickly? Next, Xiaobian will introduce some quick drying methods for socks. Let's take a look.

Quick drying method 1: hair dryer method. First of all, prepare a hair dryer, preferably a high-power hair dryer, so as to make socks dry faster. Put the foot opening of socks on the air outlet of the hair dryer, turn on the hair dryer, it is recommended to blow with hot air, so as to dry faster, and it will be warmer if you wear it now. When you see the white gas in the socks, you can blow them for another three or four minutes. Then you can turn off the hair dryer. The first half of the sock is dry, but it's not there yet. Take the hair dryer off the intersection, then turn on the hair dryer and blow it at your feet. It won't take long for the whole sock to dry. Another sock is also made according to this method.

Quick drying method 2: ironing. First of all, prepare a plastic bottle, that is, the ordinary medium-sized beverage bottle. Tear off the outer package of the bottle, which can make socks better heated. Then pour boiling water into the plastic bottle, pour it over half of the body, and then tighten the cap. First, wring out the socks as much as possible, then put the socks on the outside of the bottle and wait. To dry socks faster, wrap them in toilet paper. Toilet paper can absorb water and speed up drying of socks.

Quick drying method 3: baking method. You can put socks on a burning coal stove and dry them directly. If there is no living way at home, it is OK to use gas. However, this method is expensive and is not recommended.