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What about chin meat? What are some quick ways to thin your chin?

In real life, many people have double chin. Some things are fat, some are thin, but they have double chin. There are more and more people with lower heads and more and more double chins. Originally, the body is not particularly fat. If there is a lot of Chin meat, the whole person seems to have a lot of weight. What should we do if there is a lot of meat on the chin? Come and have a look!

First of all, the first method is massage. After washing our face in the morning, we can massage our neck, lift our head up, hold for a few seconds, then put it down, repeat this action several times. As long as we hold for five minutes every morning, we won't delay a lot of time, so we can effectively avoid the appearance of double chin. Therefore, we should cultivate good in our daily life Good habits.

The second method, face cream, we can buy some more reliable face cream or massage cream, and then when we have time, we can hold our neck with both hands and push the fat down the bar. Then push the meat in the middle of the chin toward the ears on both sides to make the chin tighter and tighter.

The third way is to move the face. First, blow up your mouth like a bubble. Hold on for ten to fifteen seconds. Then try to shrink the mouth. Hold on for ten to fifteen seconds. We can also look up at the sky, slowly raise our head, then slowly extend our tongue, and then hold on for a few seconds and then withdraw. These two movements are repeated ten times a day and more than three times a day, which can effectively reduce the fat and fat in our chin.

The above is a quick thin chin method, although the method is very simple, the most important thing is to adhere to, if not adhere to do, the best way is to dream, so hurry up!