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How to set the security lock for the new wechat? Introduction to setting security lock on wechat

Wechat is the most frequently used social software, and there are many capital transactions. In order to ensure our payment security, we can set a security lock for payment. Then, how can we set a security lock for the new version of wechat? Let's introduce the method of setting security lock on wechat.

Method / step:

First, open wechat and enter the wechat home page;

Find 'I' in the right corner below the wechat home page and click to enter;

Find the payment on the personal homepage and click to enter;

After entering the payment, find the wallet below the payment and click to enter;

Find the security at the bottom of the wallet and click to enter the security;

Find the security lock in the security, click enter and select open, so that the security of payment can be better guaranteed after setting.