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Want to cure a cold quickly? I'll teach you a few tricks to solve it easily

Cold is a common disease, but also often cold, can not take medicine on a cold, that is very bad for the body. Which method can not take medicine and also can cure cold quickly? Next, I'll introduce a few quick tips to cure the cold. Let's take a look.

First of all, I'd like to introduce a little trick, that is, drinking hot water. Many people think it's OK to drink more water when they have a cold, but in fact, there are requirements for drinking water. After a cold, you must drink more water, but you can't drink a lot of water at one time, or it will cause serious consequences to the lower respiratory tract than the individual. You should drink water intermittently. Every time you drink no more than 300 ml of water, about one cup is enough. Then you should drink it at intervals. You can't drink it continuously, or your kidney will be under too much pressure. And the amount of drinking water in a day should not exceed 2000 ml.

Next, I'd like to introduce the second trick, that is, dietotherapy. If it's a cold caused by wind chill, you can use ginger to boil brown sugar water to drink, both of which are materials that can warm your body, and can quickly dispel the cold in your body. If you have a sore throat from a cold, you can use lemon juice, warm boiled water and salt to effectively eliminate phlegm. At the beginning of a cold, drinking lemon and honey can also relieve your sore throat, dry throat and other symptoms.

Finally, I'd like to introduce the last method to you, that is, sports. Many people don't want to move or exercise when they are ill. In fact, this is a very wrong way. When you have a cold, you must keep exercising. You can run. When you are sweating, you can take a hot bath quickly. The temperature of the bath water must be raised a little. Then soak your feet in hot water, which can improve your local blood circulation and promote metabolism. Finally, sleep in bed and your cold will be cured.