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After apologizing, Lenovo denied withdrawing from China! Take China's income to subsidize the United

In late May 28th, Lenovo published an article in response to its official account, which is "Lenovo withdrew from China". Lenovo said: after the apology, Lenovo denied withdrawing from China, but the one-sided understanding of the US CNBC television network. After that, some domestic big V deleted some words, cooperated with CNBC's wrong speculation, and forced Lenovo to become a traitor under the temptation of traffic dividends, saying that China's income was used to subsidize the United States.

According to the Lenovo restoration event, Huang Weiming, chief financial officer, said in an interview with CNBC: "I think we are fully capable of transferring part of our production capacity from China and other affected countries to other countries not affected by tariffs to continue production." CNBC unilaterally understood 'transferring some capacity' as' withdrawing the production line / capacity from China '.

According to the article, three of Lenovo's 11 own factories are located overseas, distributed in India, Mexico and Brazil. 90% of the products in its own factories are produced in China. Generally speaking, transferring some production capacity is just to let Mexican employees work overtime. Last week, Lenovo announced that it had invested 2 billion yuan in its Shenzhen plant.

In nearly half a month, Lenovo denied the rumors three times.

On May 24, at the Lenovo earnings conference, Yang Yuanqing denied that "Lenovo is subsidizing American consumers with Chinese income", and said that from the perspective of business layout, more than 70% of Lenovo's business is overseas and less than 30% is at home. However, from the perspective of personnel, 60-70% of Lenovo's personnel are located at home and only 30% overseas, so this is a typical 'made in China and made in China' covering the global market.

On May 19, Lenovo denied the "interruption of supply to Huawei", saying that the "supply was normal" and would hold the rumor mongers accountable.

Lenovo's statement stressed that Huawei is an important customer of Lenovo's PC and services. Lenovo will continue to sell products and services to China on the basis of strictly abiding by the relevant laws and compliance regulations of the countries and regions where its business is located. Lenovo also said, 'in troubled times, we can tide over difficulties together!'

On May 17, Lenovo responded to comments such as "Lenovo's one vote difference made Huawei lose the 5g standard", saying that the so-called "5g voting event" was a systematic public opinion attack, "fictitious a non-existent voting and a fake voting rule". The article stressed that "any statement about 5g voting itself is a rumor, because there has been no voting at all from beginning to end".

It is understood that on May 23, Lenovo released the fourth quarter results and annual results report as of March 31, 2019, which showed that Lenovo's annual revenue exceeded US $50 billion for the first time, reaching US $51 billion (equivalent to RMB 342.2 billion), and its net profit was RMB 4 billion, turning losses into profits year-on-year. In the PC business, Lenovo won the global PC shipment champion in the third and fourth quarters of last year.

As of the closing on May 28, Lenovo's share price was HK $5.63, down 1.23% from yesterday, with a total market value of HK $67.643 billion. On April 30 nearly a month ago, Lenovo's share price was HK $7.27, and about 20% of its share price died in the past month.