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What is the fever caused by eating spicy strips? Can eating spicy strips really refresh you and prev

As the college entrance examination approaches, candidates and parents try their best to refresh themselves. Many people even come to the hospital for oxygen inhalation or amino acid injection. However, recently, a girl stayed up late for the college entrance examination and ate spicy strips to refresh herself, resulting in repeated fever. What's the matter? What is the fever caused by eating spicy strips? Can eating spicy strips really refresh and prevent drowsiness?

I stay up late every day to review for the college entrance examination. I'm so sleepy that I eat spicy strips to refresh myself. As the college entrance examination approached, Xiao Lu, a senior three girl, had repeated fever. When she went to the hospital for examination, she found that it was suppurative tonsillitis that led to repeated fever. The otolaryngologist said it was related to her eating too much spicy and stimulating food.

Xiaolu, an 18-year-old girl, is about to take part in the college entrance examination. In order to enter the ideal university, she dare not relax for a moment. She 'stays up late every day' until the early morning, and occasionally gets sleepy at night. Xiao Lu thought of a way to refresh herself by eating spicy strips. She was suddenly sleepless. The college entrance examination is coming soon. Xiao Lu always has a fever repeatedly during this period. After taking the medicine, she burns again. Her throat is swollen and painful, and it is difficult to swallow. Anxious, her parents took her to Houhu Hospital of Wuhan Central Hospital.

During physical examination, the doctor found that her tonsils were obviously swollen, and finally diagnosed with suppurative tonsillitis, causing repeated fever. Xiong Ying, deputy chief physician of the Department of Otolaryngology, asked about her recent diet. Only then did she know that Xiao Lu had less than a packet of spicy strips every night in order to prevent her from dozing off.