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Why do you suffer from air conditioning disease when blowing air conditioning? What do you eat to pr

In summer, when the weather is hot, air conditioning has become an essential electrical appliance for everyone. As long as you are at home, you can't live without air conditioning. Therefore, air conditioning diseases are very easy to occur in summer. We need to take relevant prevention and control measures. So, what should I pay attention to in summer?

What should I pay attention to in summer

1. Pay attention to temperature control in summer

The air conditioner above the temperature should not be adjusted too low, and the gap between indoor and outdoor temperatures should not be too large, so that there will be no cold and fever caused by the temperature difference. Generally, the indoor air conditioner temperature should be controlled between 24 degrees and 26 degrees, which is easy for the human body to accept, and it is easy to adapt to the indoor and outdoor temperature difference, so as to cool down and prevent the occurrence of diseases.

2. Pay attention to keep ventilation in summer

The indoor air conditioner should be ventilated and should not be used for a long time. Because the indoor air is closed, the air flow is not smooth, and the sundries and dust in the air circulate back and forth, which will have an impact on the respiratory system of the human body. Therefore, after the air conditioner is used for 2-3 hours, it should be stopped for 30 minutes and a ventilation cycle should be carried out, which is conducive to health.

3. Pay attention to keep the air conditioner clean in summer

The air conditioner should be kept clean and sanitary, and disinfection and cleaning should be strengthened, because various microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria are easy to accumulate during the use of the air conditioner, so it is easy to spread into the air through the cold air when using the air conditioner. These harmful substances stay in the air, which is harmful to the body. The best way is to keep clean from the source and disinfect and clean the air conditioner regularly, To prevent the breeding of bacteria.

4. Pay attention to diet for air conditioning diseases in summer

There has always been a saying among the people that "eat radish in winter and ginger in summer", that is, white-collar workers who stay in the air-conditioned room all day can appropriately eat some ginger to prevent and treat 'air-conditioning disease'. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that ginger has three effects: sweating and relieving the surface, warming the stomach and stopping vomiting, and detoxifying. People in an air-conditioned environment often drink ginger soup, which can also effectively prevent 'air-conditioning disease'. That is, use 3-5 pieces of ginger to decoct with water for 3-5 minutes, and take it 2-3 times a day. Ginger should not be too many. Fresh ginger should be selected, and the effect of tender ginger is not enough.

5. Summer air conditioning disease should pay attention to appropriate exercise

You can play taijiquan, Baduanjin, badminton, table tennis, running and other sports, which can help the body sweat and relieve the exterior and cold. However, we should also remind people not to sweat too much and try not to exercise beyond the scope of the body. If you sweat too much, it is easy to cause Qi to fall off with sweat, that is, the Yang Qi of the human body is damaged with the excessive leakage of sweat, resulting in Qi deficiency. The most obvious manifestation is that the whole body is powerless after excessive sweating.

Why do you suffer from air conditioning disease

1. Excessive temperature difference between indoor and outdoor

Excessive temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is one of the main causes of air-conditioning diseases. It is difficult for the human body to adjust quickly when entering the air-conditioning room from the hot outdoor. It is easy to suffer from colds, gastroenteritis, periarthritis of shoulder, facial nerve paralysis and other diseases, which is a big taboo for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients.

2. Turn on the air conditioner all night while sleeping

It's not appropriate to turn on the air conditioner all night when sleeping. People think that if you blow the air conditioner under the quilt, you won't get air conditioning disease. In fact, this is a wrong understanding. The quilt can only prevent freezing, but can not prevent diseases, especially the respiratory tract. The respiratory tract is the most vulnerable. If you turn on the air conditioner all night, you will wake up with dry mouth and nose, headache, sneezing and runny nose, and even suffer from serious respiratory diseases.

What do you eat to prevent air conditioning diseases in summer


Tomatoes are rich in nutrients, especially lycopene and vitamins, which can also help the human body effectively resist the damage of ultraviolet rays. People who stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time must not eat less tomatoes, because it also has the effect of improving immunity.

Herbal tea

Air conditioning diseases mostly belong to fever, and the prevention of daily health care is very important. Usually drink more cool drinks, such as chrysanthemum tea, honeysuckle tea, tea cake, mung bean soup, lotus seed fungus, etc. In addition, we should eat more white gourd, towel gourd vegetables, eggs, meat and milk, eat less frozen products and eat more protein rich foods. If the food in the refrigerator has been opened for more than a day, it's best not to eat it again. At the same time, take a bath frequently, try not to expose to the sun for a long time, keep the indoor ventilation smooth, and pay attention to sunscreen when going out. Don't drive too cold when sleeping, so as not to cause heatstroke and diarrhea.

Melon food

In our life, common melon foods include watermelon, white gourd, balsam pear and other foods, which are very effective in relieving summer heat. In addition to these melon foods, there are also foods such as mung beans and kelp, which are very suitable for air conditioning people. They can help you expel toxins from your body.