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Quickly remove pockmarks and return your delicate face

Long pox is a worry, a red and large pox inlaid face, how to see all affect the beauty. It doesn't matter. It can be solved by learning how to share acne elimination tips. But blain disappeared, leave the mark that removes hard how to do? Therefore, Xiaobian reminds you here that you must not use your hands to squeeze pimples. Today, you don't need to worry about having a little knitting in the beauty salon. Today, the little knitting can come here with preparation, and the method of quickly removing acne marks will be presented to you:

Method 1: yogurt + pearl powder

Girls like to drink yoghurt most. It's convenient to get local materials. Every night, put the leftover yogurt into a small container, add a little pearl powder, evenly mix it, and then smear it on the pockmarks. It doesn't need to be cleaned. You can sleep directly until the next day. Adhere to smear for two weeks, will have a significant desalination effect.

Method two: potato chip mask

Wash the potatoes, peel them, cut them into thin pieces, paste them on the place with pockmarks, take them off 10 minutes later, and then clean the face. Potatoes have the effect of activating skin and removing dead skin, which is very good for acne treatment.

Method 3: Aloe + flour + pearl powder

Mix aloe juice, flour and pearl powder in the proportion of 2 spoons, 2 spoons and 1.5g respectively, then add water and stir evenly to form a dense paste, and then apply it on the face. After the mask starts drying, apply second layers and wash your face after about 20 minutes. Adhere to use, not only can desalinate pockmarks, but also whitening, anti-aging.

Method 4: tomato acne

Tomato has a very good effect of removing spots, can desalinate melanin, make the face more white and flawless. Specific steps: stir the tomato juice and honey evenly. After cleaning the face, apply the tomato honey water on the acne mark. Wash it 20 minutes later. Stick to it every day. The effect is remarkable. Method 5: remove acne with red wine

Red wine contains acid ingredients, with antioxidant effect, can promote the metabolism of skin cutin, can desalinate pigment, make acne mark light. Specific operation: mix a small amount of red wine and honey and stir them into a thick paste, and smear it on the acne mark, which has a certain acne removing effect.

All methods of acne are inseparable from one thing: adhere to repeated use! Delicate face is valued in persistence and care. Hurry up!