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What are the measures for operators to speed up? What are the acceleration measures of the three maj

What are the measures for operators to speed up? In order to implement the national network speed-up and fee reduction policy, earnestly fulfill the social responsibility, ensure the real fee reduction, and let the broad masses of people consume clearly, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and other three basic telecom operators have recently launched a series of new measures to benefit the people and enterprises. Let's take a look at the speed-up measures of the three operators?

China Telecom: seven new initiatives to benefit the people

Move 1: Comprehensively Reduce the price of external flow. In view of the fact that users are worried about the high out of package traffic charges, in January 2019, China Telecom comprehensively reduced the out of package traffic charges to no more than 0.03 yuan / MB, and the out of package traffic charges decreased by up to 90%, so as to ensure that users know, dare to use and rest assured.

The second step is to introduce more preferential "volume assured flow package". China Telecom will launch the "volume assured traffic package" in June 2019 for the users with high saturation or overflow of package traffic. After users order, they will not charge if they don't reach the quantity. After reaching the quantity, they will directly add 5 yuan / GB or 3 yuan / GB traffic packets to relieve the worries of large flow users when they surf the Internet.

Move 3: Launch preferential flow package for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. In June 2019, China Telecom will launch more preferential roaming traffic packages for people visiting Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, such as 68 yuan / 3 days. Guangdong Hong Kong Macao integrated traffic package is launched for Guangdong users who often travel to and from the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. Users can share traffic in the three places.

Initiative 4: promote the 'worry free card' package. For users who do not like to be bound by packages and want simple consumption, China Telecom has launched a "worry free card" package with "floor price", step billing and cheaper use all over the country.

Measure 5: reduce the communication cost of small and medium-sized enterprises. In May 2019, China Telecom will comprehensively reduce the standard tariff of Internet special line by 15%, simultaneously start the activity of "speed up and benefit enterprises" for small and medium-sized enterprises, and carry out free speed up for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Measure 6: improve distance education and medical network. We will launch education and medical special network products with wide coverage, high quality and high cost performance, carry out digital campus tianyixing, assist schools in networking, and increase the broadband network access rate of primary and secondary schools to more than 100 megabytes.

Action 7: package consumption, active reminder. Actively inform users of package consumption in the form of SMS, focusing on timely reminding of package usage, service life, consumption bill, etc., so that users can consume clearly.

China Mobile: Launch six measures to benefit people

Initiative 1: launch the activity of "checking the age of the Internet to send traffic". Since May 1, 2019, the whole network of China Mobile has launched the activity of checking network age and sending traffic. Customers can receive different traffic when they send data from 2019 to 10086. The longer the network age is, the more traffic they get. They can get up to 30g traffic. The activity has been highly concerned by the majority of Internet users and the media, with good customer response and high participation. The number of participating customers exceeded 100 million in just one week. So far, the number of participating customers has reached 120 million. In the next step, China Mobile will launch a series of activities on the basis of checking the network age to send traffic, such as checking the network age to send benefits, sending points and so on, and carry out 5g Pioneer Customer recruitment in combination with the network age.

The second step is to launch the "Changxiang series" package. Since April 20, 2019, China Mobile has launched Changxiang series packages in 10 provinces (cities) including Beijing, Sichuan and Liaoning. The package is the first product with unlimited capacity. The more the traffic outside the package is used, the cheaper it will be. The package contains 50g traffic, supports multi person sharing, and gives free rights such as broadband and broadband TV, family number interaction, etc. At present, China Mobile has promoted the package nationwide, so that more customers can enjoy the "Changxiang series" discount.

Move 3: launch the "voice doubling" preferential activity. From May 17, 2019, China Mobile will launch the "voice doubling" activity nationwide. For the customers with the package, they can enjoy the voice doubling of the original package with a minimum of 10 yuan. For example, the original 58 yuan package includes 150 minutes of national voice, and customers can add at least 10 yuan to double the voice in the package to 300 minutes.

Move 4: "0000" easily check and return value-added business. China Mobile has launched a unified inquiry and unsubscribe service for value-added services 0000. Customers can quickly inquire about the subscription status of monthly value-added services and the corresponding tariff standards by sending SMS' 0000 'to 10086. At the same time, according to the inquiry results, they can quickly unsubscribe one or more ordered services by replying to the service sequence number. In addition, China Mobile has also launched the industry SMS' 0000 'query unsubscribe service. If customers do not want to receive some industry SMS again, they can send' 0000 'to the SMS number for query and unsubscribe.

Measure 5: 10080 service quality supervision hotline. On January 20, 2019, China mobile set up the whole network upgrade complaint center, using 10080 as the service quality supervision hotline to collect and listen to customers' voice more timely and accurately, and to accept, quickly check and accurately handle all kinds of upgrade complaints from customers. If the customer thinks that the reasonable demands put forward through the 10086 hotline and other service channels have not been properly handled or there is a dispute about the handling result, they can call 10080 to reflect the problem and get feedback within 120 hours at the latest.

Measure 6: home wide, fast installation, fast repair, overtime traffic. In areas with installation conditions, customers apply for home broadband opening and maintenance services. If they fail to complete the service within the time agreed by both parties, China Mobile will compensate customers for mobile phone traffic and send 1GB for each day of delay.

China Unicom: eight measures to benefit the people

Initiative 1: Launch preferential holiday traffic package. In order to meet customers' demand for traffic during holidays, China Unicom further reduced the price of traffic. Since January 2019, China Unicom has launched a 20 yuan 14g preferential holiday traffic package, and the unit price of traffic in the package has been reduced to 1.43 yuan / g.

Move 2: substantially reduce data roaming charges in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. In order to meet the roaming needs of users in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, China Unicom will adjust the roaming traffic fee in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan from June 1, 2019, greatly increase the capped high-speed traffic of 25 yuan per day, and adjust the daily package traffic of data roaming in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Initiative 3: boost the development of entrepreneurship and innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises. In order to help small and medium-sized enterprises to expand the market, reduce costs and improve efficiency, China Unicom launched the innovation and entrepreneurship cloud express product in 2019, providing cost-effective network + cloud services to meet the needs of innovation and entrepreneurship enterprises for light speed and flexible use of the cloud. Through the cloud network integration service, the cost performance is greatly improved, and the Internet access fee is further reduced by 15%.

Measure 4: launch 10015 consumer protection hotline. In order to better provide high-quality services and protect the reasonable rights and interests of China Unicom customers, China Unicom consumer rights protection hotline 10015 was officially opened on May 17, 2019, focusing on solving various rights and interests disputes of China Unicom customers in the process of consumption, especially for customers in Liantong business hall 10010 hotline and other customer service channels can not solve the reasonable demands and provide exclusive solution entrance.

Measure 5: '0000' value-added services can be easily checked and returned. In view of the arbitrary charging of value-added services, China Unicom will launch the unified query and unsubscribe service of the whole network value-added service '0000' in June 2019. Customers can edit the SMS' 0000 'and send it to 10010 to quickly query the subscription status of the whole network monthly value-added services. According to the query results, they can unsubscribe the ordered services by replying to the service serial number.

Measure 6: Launch off-site business services. In order to facilitate customers to handle business in different places, China Unicom has launched such services as "card replacement in different places", "unified query" and "family payment". Through the service of card replacement in different places, you can make card replacement and replacement in different places, which saves your mind and effort; Through the 'unified query', you can clearly grasp the number surplus, balance and points under your name; Through the 'family pay', you can pay for the main number, from the number worry free, the whole family costs, one person.

Move 7: Launch call fee purchase service. In order to meet the diversified communication consumption needs of customers, China Unicom has launched the call fee shopping service since May 1, 2019. Customers can purchase music, video, novels, education, entertainment and other information service products in one stop through the call fee shopping mall of China Unicom by using the balance of the call fee.

Measure 8: promise to pay for the slow broadband service of the family. China Unicom provides customers with real high-speed broadband, fast installation service and all-round excellent door-to-door service; In June 2019, China Unicom will launch the promise of "slow pay" for home broadband service, promise the customers the time limit for installation, relocation and maintenance, and provide compensation for customers if the service exceeds the time limit.