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How to wash out lipstick? How to rub lipstick on clothes

First, apply alcohol or makeup remover, toothpaste or gasoline to the place with lipstick stains, rub it with hands or brush it with a small brush, and then wash it in the washing machine, and the lipstick marks will be washed off.

How to wash out lipstick


Because of the chemical characteristics of lipstick, it can be dissolved in alcohol or alkaline substances. You can use the characteristics of lipstick to wash it off. First, soak the lipstick with water, then daub it with alcohol, let it stand for about 5 minutes, and then rub it with soap or ammonia, the lipstick will disappear.

Cleansing Water

Pour appropriate amount of makeup remover on the clothes rubbed with lipstick, and then rub them with hands. Then we soak the clothes in warm water with washing powder for about half an hour, and finally rub them again.

How to rub lipstick on clothes

White toothpaste

Wet the lipstick stains on the clothes with sponge and warm water, apply white toothpaste on the lipstick spots, and gently rub with hands or brush the back of the stains with a toothbrush. Finally, wash the clothes in the washing machine, and the lipstick stains can be easily washed off.


If you get lipstick, you can use a small brush dipped in gasoline to wipe it gently, remove the grease, and then wash it with warm detergent solution. If you don't have gasoline, you can use bubble mineral water or soda water for mixing wine, pour it on a clean cloth, and tap the imprinted place. The effect is very obvious. If you encounter this situation, you might as well try ~.