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Snow read the script and make complaints about the dragon's mother.

After the grand finale, the game of power officially launched the documentary the last watch. The film records many actors' tears at the script reading meeting, especially when they hear "the end of the play", they clap and cry together.

You are the creators of the first season of the game of thrones, which also appeared in the documentary.

When I read about Jorah the Bear & middot; When Mormon died in the war, Long Ma's eyes were full of tears, and her expression was reluctant to give up. When reading the scene of burning Wallis, Britney reached out to comfort him.

When reading the scene of snow killing dragon mother in front of the iron throne, snow was hard to believe, surprised and sad.

When the narrator read the sentence "game of Thrones" at the end of the play, the audience cheered and clapped, and ran with tears.

At the end of the script reading meeting, a staff member said: 'it's more sad than I thought, because you suddenly realize that you can't see a lot of family members, so I think we feel the same as snow.'

Some fans said after seeing the documentary: 'it's 200 times better than the main film.'

Fans make complaints about it: 'I cry because the script is too bad.

When some fans were moved, they said: 'although it's a bit of a mess, it's still my favorite play.'