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Cinema's demand to buy 3D glasses at their own expense is a overlord clause, and it's very important

When you go to the movies, do you sometimes buy 3D glasses for better visual effects? On the afternoon of May 27, the official microblog of China Consumer Association issued a voice on the issue of 'buying 3D glasses at one's own expense when watching 3D movies'. It believed that the act was a typical' unequal format clause ', which was suspected of violating the consumer protection law.

According to the official microblog of the China Consumer Association, for some time, some consumers have complained that when they go to the cinema to watch 3D movies, the cinema does not provide 3D glasses and requires consumers to buy 3D glasses sold in the cinema.

Qiu Baochang, member of the expert committee of China Consumer Association, pointed out that 3D glasses are an indispensable basic condition for watching 3D films, and the provision of 3D glasses is an integral part of the viewing service. When consumers purchase viewing services according to the price of 3D movie, cinema operators should provide consumers with all services meeting the viewing requirements, including 3D glasses and other viewing facilities. Cinemas separate their own service obligations and pass them on to consumers, thus increasing the burden of consumers, violating fairness and integrity, which is a typical 'unequal format clause'. They are suspected of violating Article 26 of the consumer protection law: "operators shall not use format clause, notice, statement, shop notice, etc, Unfair and unreasonable provisions on consumers, such as excluding or limiting consumers' rights, reducing or exempting business operators from their responsibilities, and increasing consumers' responsibilities, shall be invalid if the standard terms, notices, statements, shop notices, etc. contain the contents listed in the preceding paragraph. "

China Consumer Association calls on local cultural authorities and market supervision departments to strengthen the supervision and law enforcement of such acts in cinemas, correct such "overlord clause" and protect consumers' right to fair trade.