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What are the vehicle transfer procedures between husband and wife? What is the procedure of vehicle

With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, vehicles have become an important means of transportation. It's very normal for a family to have one or two vehicles. What are the procedures for the transfer of ownership of vehicles between husband and wife? What is the procedure of vehicle transfer between husband and wife?

1、 There is a vehicle transfer between husband and wife, and its particularity lies in the proof of vehicle ownership transfer. In the transfer of ownership of vehicles between husband and wife, the way of transfer of ownership of motor vehicles should generally be gift. Therefore, when handling the transfer of ownership, there should be a gift contract and it should be notarized.

2、 The materials and procedures required for the transfer are as follows:

1. Now the owner fills in the application form to the vehicle management office and submits the motor vehicle for inspection;

2. Now the owner provides the following certificates:

(1) My ID card;

(2) Certificate and certificate of vehicle ownership transfer such as donation contract and notarial certificate;

(3) Motor vehicle registration certificate;

(4) Vehicle license;

(5) For motor vehicles under customs supervision, the certificate of deregulation of vehicles under customs supervision of the people's Republic of China or the transfer certificate approved by the customs shall also be submitted;

(6) For motor vehicles beyond the validity period of inspection, the safety technical inspection of motor vehicles shall also be conducted, and the inspection certificate and compulsory traffic insurance certificate shall be submitted.

3. Within three days from the date of acceptance, the vehicle management office shall sign the changes on the motor vehicle registration certificate, withdraw the license plate and driving license, issue the temporary driving license plate with a validity period of 30 days, and hand over the motor vehicle files to the buyer.

Extended information:

Second hand car ownership transfer, as the name suggests, is to change the name of the owner of the vehicle. It is an important procedure that can not be omitted in the process of buying and selling second-hand cars. It will bring inconvenience to both buyers and sellers if the ownership of the car is not transferred.

When buying a second-hand car, in addition to being optimistic about the condition of the car, the most important part of the transaction is to go through the transfer procedures. However, some friends who don't know how to buy a second-hand car ignore the transfer procedures in order to save money. If they are lucky, nothing will happen to them. If they are not, they will be fine,

It's troublesome to be caught by the police uncle in any accident. The fine is calculated separately. The insurance company will not compensate for the critical vehicle accident. No matter how much the loss is, it has to bear it by itself. It's just greedy for small gains and big losses.

Transfer procedure:

Seller: owner's ID card, vehicle registration certificate, vehicle running book and original invoice (if the ownership has been transferred before, it is the transfer ticket).

If the seller is a unit, the original organization code certificate and official seal are required.

Buyer: ID card, local license for outsider, and temporary residence permit within validity period( Some cities use residence permit instead, can connect public security network!)

If the buyer is a unit, the original organization code certificate and official seal are required.

Original vehicle purchase invoice or the last transfer invoice( It is needed before 2012, but not in most cities after 2012.)

Original vehicle license.

Vehicle registration certificate (big green version).

Relocation needs to purchase a small tax (before 2001, it is a small red one, and after 2001, it is a small green one)( It is needed before 2012, but not in most cities after 2012. Except for the autonomous region, not necessarily.)

Take all the above procedures to the used car transfer hall.

Both parties: sign second hand car sales contract

Take all the above procedures to the used car transfer hall.

Transfer fee, charging standard:

The fair price transfer fee of second-hand cars is mainly charged according to the displacement and year. Different charging standards are adopted according to the types of cars, off-road vehicles, buses, trucks, and different displacement range, load range and other categories.

Beijing used car transfer fee is almost the same, the minimum transfer fee is 200 yuan, the maximum transfer fee is 800 yuan, including 200 yuan for less than 1.0L displacement, 400 yuan for 1.0l-1.9l displacement, 600 yuan for 2.0l-2.9l displacement, and 800 yuan for 3.0L and above.

Charging algorithm:

Taking Bora 1.8 manual payment as an example, according to the charging standard, the starting price is 1400 yuan, and the lowest price is 300 yuan. The average annual transfer fee of Bora 1.8 manual payment in 15 years is (1400-300 yuan) & divide; 15 years & asymp; 75 yuan.

Because of the high depreciation rate in the first three years, the annual transfer fee is reduced by 120 yuan, so the transfer fee of 2002 model is 1400 yuan - 3 years & times; 120 yuan = 1040 yuan. If the depreciation rate of vehicles with more than three years decreases and the annual transfer fee decreases by about 100 yuan, then the transfer fee of vehicles with more than three years in 2003 is 1400 yuan - three years & times; 120-100 yuan = 940 yuan. and so on.

process flow:

1. After coming to the transfer hall, show the relevant materials and get a "contract for the sale of used motor vehicles in XX city", and both parties fill in the information respectively. After filling in, take all the above information and you can go to the 'transfer acceptance'.

2. If you drive the car directly to the transfer inspection office, the staff will check, expand the number, remove the license plate and take photos of the car, and you need to pay a 35 yuan extension fee. Collect the vehicle photos and paste them on the inspection record sheet. After these are completed, you can park the car in the parking lot and enter the transfer hall to go through the formalities.

3. After the number machine gets the number, it queues up with relevant materials to pay the transfer fee. Second hand car ownership transfer is determined by displacement and age, and the cost ranges from 180 yuan to 980 yuan.

Among them, about 200 yuan will be charged for less than 1.0L, 400 yuan for 1.0l-1.9l, 600 yuan for 2.0l-2.9l and 800 yuan for 3.0L and above. The longer the age, the cheaper the transfer fee. In addition, the transfer fee is slightly different in different trading markets.

4. Transfer acceptance: the required materials include motor vehicle registration, transfer, cancellation registration form / transfer in application form, inspection record form, original registration certificate, original driving license, original owner's ID card, original license plate number, vehicle photo, transfer invoice of trading market.

5. The owner should take the relevant files back to the local vehicle management office where the owner wants to go, hand in all the files, and go through the registration procedures of the vehicle.