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What happened to the sharp fall of YG share price? YG shares plummeted detailed reasons

What happened to the sharp fall of YG share price? What is the situation of YG's stock price plummeting? Many friends don't know. Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

What happened to the sharp fall of YG share price

Before the YG victory event, the whole city was stormed, but the final result was startling. After nearly four months, he finally retired. There was no detention and no punishment, which made South Korean netizens and most women protest collectively. Just before the public opinion of the victory incident was over, YG boss Liang xuanxi was exposed again for suspected sex entertainment scandal!

After the victory incident was exposed, the stock of YG entertainment company fell seriously. Liang xuanxi, the boss of YG entertainment company, tried his best to get rid of the relationship between the company and the victory incident. He was still the big boss of YG entertainment company. And now I didn't expect that my scandal was exposed, which really made netizens ready to pick up big melons again.

Early in the morning of May 27, South Korean media revealed that in the new notice last night (the evening of May 26), South Korean program "straight" specially made a program notice called "tracking the doubts about sex entertainment in YG Liang xuanxi nightclub", which exposed that YG president Liang xuanxi was suspected of sex entertainment.

According to the disclosure, in July 2014, Liang xuanxi arranged as many as 25 women to accompany two Southeast Asian tycoons to South Korea. In an interview with the program straight, the person involved in the company said that he lost consciousness after his wine cup was mixed with excessive drugs at that banquet, and found that he had been violated when he woke up. She also said that she had gone to the hospital for examination and had verified that the unknown mixture that led to her unconsciousness was drugs, but Liang xuanxi was too powerful to call the police.

Shortly after the scandal was exposed, YG entertainment quickly clarified that Liang xuanxi was not suspected of sexual entertainment, saying that he was at the banquet at that time, but did not receive any form of sexual entertainment. However, this kind of official clarification is to get rid of the relationship. As for the truth, who can know?

YG Entertainment's shares fell 9.3% again today, falling below 30000 won (about 170 yuan), a new low in the latest year. YG entertainment has been the focus of netizens since the victory event in 2019, and now the boss has been exposed to scandal, which is really an eye opener once again.

According to the South Korean show "straight", it will be broadcast tonight that Liang xuanxi and famous Korean wave stars will personally entertain the rich in Asia. But YG has denied it. Will the program be broadcast? What will be the final result?

The above is what happened to the sharp fall of YG stock price brought by Xiaobian? YG shares plummeted what is the situation all content! Thank you for reading.