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How to write a composition on the Dragon Boat Festival? Four short essays on the Dragon Boat Festiva

The fifth day of the fifth lunar month is the Dragon Boat Festival, which is a traditional festival here. On this day, people will eat zongzi, eat salted egg yolk and drink realgar wine& hellip; There are also dragon boat races in some places& hellip;& hellip; The following is a small arrangement of the Dragon Boat Festival on the composition of 5, I hope to help you.

The Dragon Boat Festival

The annual Dragon Boat Festival is coming again, we are very happy. The story of Qu Yuan throwing himself into the river is still familiar to all of us. And I can't wait to welcome the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival because I have expectations in my heart.

The story of Qu Yuan throwing himself into the river is said to be because there was an emperor who liked Qu Yuan very much in ancient times, and one of the ministers was jealous of him. That minister always said bad things about Qu Yuan to the emperor, and asked the emperor to expel him. Qu Yuan was so sad that he threw himself into the river at noon on May 5 of the lunar calendar. The story of Qu Yuan throwing himself into the river has been handed down since ancient times and has a long history. This story has always impressed me in my heart.

On the day before the Dragon Boat Festival, that is, the fourth day of the fifth lunar month, my mother and I were making rice dumplings and chatting. It was evening. Relatives and friends are all in my family. We all have a good time and enjoy our family. Tired of playing, everyone decided to stay for one night. The next day is the annual Dragon Boat Festival. In the morning, we talked about today's itinerary. After a lot of discussion, we finally came to a conclusion. At noon, we went to watch the dragon boat race, in the afternoon, we went to the stream to play with water, and in the evening, we went to eat local snacks. Dad said: 'now that we've decided, let's go without saying a word, In this way, we started the day's journey. We drove for an hour in the morning, and it was just 12 o'clock at noon when we arrived. We were sitting by the lake watching the dragon boat race. I heard the Dragon Boat painters shouting 'come on! " Come on! " Very hard. I would like to thank the Dragon Boat painters for showing us such a wonderful and beautiful dragon boat race. Next, we should go to find out what the scenery by the stream looks like? By the side of the stream, the scenery is beautiful and the clear water lingers. Here we can relax and have a good rest. And my cousin and I hit 'shuipiaoer' with stones. It's very interesting! Play, play, it's evening. We went to the night market to eat snacks, my stomach has been 'grunt' grunt. When a table of delicious food is placed in front of me, I can't wait to gobble it up. We all eat it with relish. After eating, we go to the night market, buy things, and finally take photos together, leaving a good ending for today's Dragon Boat Festival this year.

This Dragon Boat Festival makes me very happy. I hope I can be as happy as this one next time.

The Dragon Boat Festival

Today is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, which is also called the Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the Dragon Boat Festival, Wuri Festival, May Festival, AI Festival, Duanwu Festival, Chongwu Festival, Wuri Festival and summer festival. Although the names are different, the customs of people in different places are the same. Dragon Boat Festival is an old custom in China for more than 2000 years. On this day, every family hangs the statue of Zhong Kui, hangs Artemisia argyi leaf and calamus, races dragon boat, eats zongzi, drinks realgar wine, travels all kinds of diseases, and wears sachets!

In the morning, our family began to make zongzi, ready to feed my stomach 'roundworm'. Speaking of the Dragon Boat Festival, you must not know the knowledge of the Dragon Boat Festival. Let me tell you the knowledge of the Dragon Boat Festival!

Speaking of the Dragon Boat Festival, we have to invite a poet to help us. Let's start with him, but who is he? He is a famous patriotic poet -- Qu Yuan! Qu Yuan was a scholar who went abroad during the Warring States period. He became an official around the king of Chu and became rich and strong with his own image. However, the king of Chu believed the treacherous officials and sent Qu Yuan into exile. In exile, Qu Yuan heard that the capital of Chu was occupied by the enemy, and the people suffered. He was very sad and indignant. On the fifth day of May, he came to the Miluo River and jumped into the Miluo River with a stone in his arms. When people abroad heard the news that Qu Yuan had thrown himself into the river, they were very sad. With tears in their eyes, they rowed a boat to salvage Qu Yuan and threw zongzi into the river to feed the fish, hoping that the fish would not hurt Qu Yuan's body. This is the origin of making zongzi in May.

Let's talk about the story of dragon boat race in the Dragon Boat Festival. At that time, Chu people were reluctant to give up the death of the worthy minister Qu Yuan, so many people rowed boats to catch up with them. They scrambled to catch up with each other and disappeared when they reached Dongting Lake, which is the origin of dragon boat race. Later, they rowed dragon boats on May 5 every year to commemorate it. The dragon boat is used to disperse the fish in the river, so as not to eat Qu Yuan's body. The custom of racing was popular in Wu, Yue and Chu. In the 29th year of the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, dragon boat races began to take place in Taiwan. At that time, the governor of Taiwan, Jiang Yuanjun, once presided over a friendly competition at the Banyue pool of fahua temple in Tainan City. At present, the dragon boat race is held on May 5 every year in Taiwan.

How about this is the knowledge I collected about the Dragon Boat Festival. Now that you have a certain understanding of the Dragon Boat Festival, should you feel sorry for the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan? If it wasn't for the king of Chu's insistence, I think Qu Yuan would bring us many immortal poems. However, Qu Yuan's plunge into the heart of the people, and what he left behind is not only the solemn and stirring poems, but also the spirit of self-improvement! I believe that great patriotic poets will always stay in people's hearts!

Dragon Boat Festival composition 3

Every year, the fifth day of the fifth month of the fifth lunar month is the Dragon Boat Festival, which is an ancient Chinese traditional festival, also known as the Dragon Boat Festival and Chongwu Festival. It is said that the dragon boat festival commemorates Qu Yuan, a famous patriotic poet and a doctor of the state of Chu in the spring and Autumn period.

During the Dragon Boat Festival in our hometown, every family hangs wormwood and calamus on both sides of the door to ward off evil spirits. Children also hang salted duck eggs dyed red on their chests, and wear sachets of various shapes sewn with colored silk thread for good luck.

Eating zongzi during the Dragon Boat Festival is a common custom in southern China. However, the practice of zongzi varies from place to place. Some places use banana leaves to make zongzi, some places use lotus leaves to make zongzi, some places in Jiangsu and Zhejiang use reed leaves to make zongzi, and most places use bamboo leaves which can be used to make zongzi, It used to be used for hats and canopies. There are also differences in the shape of zongzi. Some places are made into rectangle, like a small pillow. Most places are made into quadrangle. My mother-in-law once said that making it into a quadrangular shape refers to the ancient green dragon, white tiger, rosefinch and Xuanwu spirits, which protect the safety of doctor Qu Yuan. In addition to using high-quality round glutinous rice, the stuffing in zongzi is also different, including jujube paste, bean paste, salted egg yolk and meat stuffing& hellip; Our family dumplings are made of meat and peanuts, which are very delicious.

Every Dragon Boat Festival, every family should clean the house and sprinkle realgar water to prevent poisonous insects. I heard from my grandfather that he would drink realgar wine during the Dragon Boat Festival. Because grandfather once saw a piece of information that drinking realgar wine is harmful to human body, so our family no longer drinks realgar wine.

On the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, dragon boat races will be held in southern China. It's the custom in our hometown of Fuzhou, Jiangxi province that every year on the eighth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar, a dragon boat race near the countryside is held in Fuhe. The champion and runner up are also awarded certificates and certificates, and there are also some material rewards.

Dragon boat racing is very interesting. In addition to about 20 rowers and a helmsman on each boat, there is also a big drum on the bow and a big gong on the stern of our hometown's dragon boat. The drums and gongs are used to direct the rowers to act in unison. The drums and gongs Bang down the oars. Therefore, when the dragon boat race, the gongs and drums on the river, coupled with the shouting of the audience on both sides of the river, can really be called lively. Our women's Dragon Boat Team in Hexi Township, Linchuan District, Fuzhou City, has won the championship in international competitions!

Dragon Boat Festival composition 4

My mother and I bought a lot of stationery and food in the supermarket, and then rushed to the children's welfare home. My mother and I went there for the first time. Although we didn't know the way, we found it easily. Maybe our sincerity moved God!

When we arrived at the children's welfare home, our aunt told us that it was still early and the children were still resting. It was estimated that it would be around 2:30 after getting up. As a result, my mother and aunt chatted. My aunt told us that more than 90% of these children have different degrees of disability. They are basically three or four years old, and the younger ones are only a few months old. Their grandmother, who is responsible for taking care of them, is said to be a volunteer of the American children's charity foundation. Unconsciously, 2:30 has arrived, my mother and I, under the leadership of my aunt, came to the rainbow building. There is full of children's atmosphere, the cartoon characters on the wall are painted vividly; There are countless colorful little love hanging on the ceiling. It makes me think it's the same as kindergarten, even better than kindergarten, because there are elevators.

When we came to Beibei house, I was deeply shocked by the eyes and faces of the children in front of me. I saw a pair of deformed and curved hands. He looked at me and my mother with blank eyes. I saw my mother shed tears. Here are some children crawling happily on the ground, and some are laughing and crying. When I see them, I feel sad. When we walked into another big room, through the big transparent glass, I saw older children, also very happy playing with toys, saying 'babbling' words, maybe shouting 'mom and Dad'! Mother lying at the door of the table, touching his little hand and his face, I looked at the side, the heart is not taste, almost cry out. When we were about to leave, we saw another group of donors coming, including primary school students about my size!, They bring their own paintings, handwork and calligraphy, and other gifts & hellip& hellip; Accompanied by their parents, they came to see the children in the welfare home.

At this time, I seem to smell the fragrance of rice dumplings in the air, I am no longer uncomfortable, because I know that I will, like countless people who have love and offer love, make love forever.