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Gynecological live full of male patients blatantly cheat insurance shocking

Original title: gynecological hospital full of male patients still smoke and play cards. Director of provincial medical insurance bureau: typical insurance fraud! Rectify immediately

(reporter Zhang Jiawei, Zhang Wen) the medical insurance fund is the people's money to see a doctor and save lives. The fraud cases are rampant in means and bad in nature, seriously damaging the interests of the people. Zhang Ningbo, director of Shandong Medical Insurance Bureau, said on the spot that he would carry out all-round rectification and investigation in the whole province to severely crack down on the fraud and insurance fraud of two hospitals in Heze City. Heze City Medical Insurance Bureau related person in charge also said, night to the hospital involved to take action, fixed evidence, crack down.

Reporter investigation found that in Heze Medical and gynecological hospital, patients only need to pay a few hundred yuan, and then pay the social security card can enjoy hospitalization treatment, free tube to eat and drink, and the length of hospital stay is at least one week. Through the investigation in the hospital, the reporter found that most of the patients in the gynecological hospital were not accompanied, and many of them were male patients. In the evening, many people are also smoking and playing cards. Some patients even say that they don't sleep well and are hospitalized.

In addition to this situation, the reporter asked many patients in the hospital and found that in addition to paying a little basic fees, they also need to hand in their own medical insurance card. Without medical insurance card, they can not be hospitalized. It is understood that a hospital in Heze has been blacklisted at the 2019 provincial work briefing on combating fraud and insurance fraud held by Shandong Medical Insurance Bureau on May 6.

These two problems reflect that the current methods and efforts to crack down on fraud and insurance fraud are not enough, including the efforts to investigate and deal with them. Medical insurance fund is the people's money to see a doctor and save their lives. No institution or individual is allowed to cheat or take out medical insurance fund. Zhang Ningbo, director of Shandong Medical Insurance Bureau, responded that the next step is to crack down on such problems and behaviors in accordance with the law and carry out all-round rectification in the whole province.

Heze City Health Insurance Bureau also said the relevant person in charge, will take action on the hospital overnight, fixed evidence. At the same time, we should draw inferences from one instance. In the whole city, we should carry out network investigation on designated medical institutions, and deal with institutions and individuals who cheat and defraud insurance according to law. If they are involved in crimes, they will be transferred to judicial organs for handling according to law.