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Is it true to bring jadeite to raise people? What are the advantages of wearing jade

With the hot sale of jadeite jewelry in the market, more and more people outside the circle have joined in the collection of jadeite. However, because they don't know about jadeite, the problem of "what are the advantages of jadeite" has been repeatedly raised. Today, we will summarize the advantages of jadeite, so that we can understand it at once.

Is it true to bring jadeite to raise people

1. Psychology

Since ancient China, jade has been regarded as a kind of keepsake to ward off evil spirits and repay peace. Therefore, as a kind of jade, jadeite naturally has the function of exorcising evil spirits and protecting the body from disasters in people's eyes, which can bring good luck to the wearer. In addition, because the luster and color of jadeite are fresh and gorgeous, it can bring pleasure to the wearer, which is a kind of spiritual enjoyment.

2. Physiology

Jadeite is a kind of jade rich in many minerals and trace elements, some of which are good for human body, especially iron and chromium, which can protect the heart and reduce arrhythmia. So if you wear jadeite jewelry for a long time, these trace elements can enter the human body through the contact between jadeite and skin, and nourish people.

What are the advantages of jadeite

3. Hedging

Natural jadeite has become the most valuable jade product in the market because of its rarity, durability and magnificence. Nowadays, the scarcity of resources and the Myanmar government's control of jadeite raw materials have made the price of jadeite rise step by step. Its value-added property is difficult to be compared with other jade types and antique paintings.

4. Decoration

Decorative is the most intuitive advantage of jadeite, because natural jadeite has gorgeous color, bright luster, wearing on the body is very eye-catching.