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One move will teach you to treat stomach pain quickly. Look at the way of bailing

Young people are busy with their work, work overtime, eat improper food, lack of sleep, like smoking, baking, high salt, spicy and other 'heavy taste' food, and like tobacco and wine, which lead to the high incidence of stomach disease in this group. Therefore, we can find a strange phenomenon. Stomach disease is becoming younger and younger. Most young people think that it is normal for them to have stomach disease. Once they have stomach pain, they don't pay attention to it. They don't go to the hospital for examination at the first time. Instead, they choose to go to the drugstore to buy some painkillers for perfunctory treatment. In fact, this will only delay the disease, the right way is that we need timely symptomatic treatment. Next, Xiaobian will show you.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that stomachache is caused by Qi and blood block caused by exogenous evil spirit or internal injury of diet emotion, and the pain of the stomach caused by the damage of the spleen and stomach, also known as stomachache. And because of the dysfunction of our viscera, it leads to stagnation of Qi and blood, loss of sustenance of the stomach, and often has such symptoms as general evils, depression of the stomach, belching, and irregular stool.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of stomach pain focuses on Regulating Qi and blood, regulating qi and blood, which can effectively reduce the pain brought by stomach to the body. Here are the basic prescriptions in ancient Chinese medicine: raw Puhuang (cloth bag), wulingzhi, cuttlebone, xuanhu, zedoary turmeric, Fructus aurantii, Melia azedarach, 10 grams each, dandelion, chicken internal gold, raw oyster, Angelica dahurica, Bai and 15 grams each without adding water to the two fingers of the medicine, decocting.

In addition, on this basis, 5 g of Coptis chinensis and 5 g of Guangxiang can relieve acute pain with stomach distention and burning; 8 g of Ophiopogon japonicus and 8 g of Lilium can regulate Yin deficiency and dry mouth; 30 g of Zhongbai and 30 g of Zhongbai can relieve the blood and black stool caused by gastric ulcer; 10 g of Coix seed and 10 g of Amomum seed can effectively eliminate the moisture in the body; 10 g of chuanniuxi, Houpu and Xiangfu can respectively Relieve flatulence and food accumulation.

In fact, stomach diseases are "three points of treatment and seven points of nourishment", and the main way to cure stomach diseases is to nourish. Healthy life and regular diet are the basis of stomach disease. In addition, it is very important for people with stomachache to eat more soft food and keep warm.