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How to buy a house and how to withdraw the provident fund

In recent years, the use of provident fund loans to buy a house is a very popular way to buy a house. As long as the borrower has paid the provident fund and met the conditions of local provident fund loans, applying for provident fund loans can save a lot of money than ordinary commercial loans. However, provident fund loans can only be approved after some procedures. So, how can provident fund buy a house? How to withdraw the housing provident fund?

How to buy a house?

1. Loan consultation: when conducting loan consultation, the applicant borrows money from the entrusted bank of the management core, gets the "personal housing provident fund loan folder for first-hand housing", fills in it as required, and submits the information of the entrusted bank together with it.

2. Application submission: the original household register, ID card and its copy of the borrower's husband and wife; the original and copy of marriage status certificate (single certificate issued by Civil Affairs Department); the original and copy of down payment receipt and house purchase contract no less than 20% of the total house price filed by the real estate department; other supporting materials shall be submitted according to the requirements of the loan bank.

3. Acceptance of loan and preliminary examination of Bank: the entrusted bank interviews the loan applicant

And review the application materials submitted; the personal credit report of the borrower and his spouse is printed and inquired to review the housing loan situation and personal credit situation of both husband and wife; the preliminary review is carried out in the provident fund system of the entrusted bank, if the preliminary review fails, the borrower shall be informed of the reason in time.

4. Contract signing: after the loan has passed the preliminary examination, the entrusted bank signs the loan (mortgage) contract with the borrower, the buyer and the applicant, and fills in the loan information such as the relevant real estate mortgage registration.

5. Mortgage registration and bank reexamination: the entrusted bank shall go to the real estate mortgage registration department to register the house mortgage; the entrusted bank shall reexamine the full set of information of the loan applicant.

6. Management core final review and loan issuance: the management core final review the loan data approved by the entrusted bank, and after the final review, the management core will transfer the loan funds directly into the account of the selling unit through the entrusted bank.

How to withdraw the housing provident fund?

1. The employee shall submit the application for withdrawing the housing accumulation fund to his unit with the withdrawal certificate, and the unit shall issue the "withdrawal application" in duplicate after verification.

2. The employees of the centralized storage account shall apply to the sub center or the management department for issuing the application for withdrawal. With the application form for withdrawal and other withdrawal application materials, the employee shall apply for withdrawal of housing provident fund at the sub center or management department of the unit where the housing provident fund is deposited. The sub center or management department shall issue the withdrawal notice, and the employee shall sign to confirm the withdrawal amount.

3. On the same day, the employee shall go to CCB to handle the payment procedures with two copies of "withdrawal application" and three copies of "withdrawal notice" approved by the sub center or the management department. The employee will return a copy of the withdrawal notice after the payment confirmation of the Construction Bank to the unit as the unit bookkeeping voucher.

There are too many advantages of provident fund loan. Withdrawing provident fund from buying a house is the basic function of provident fund as a welfare. The process of drawing provident fund is not very complicated, but generally, individuals can not handle it, so they need to entrust units to do it. The above article is about how to buy a house with provident fund and how to extract provident fund for house purchase. I hope it can help you.