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How to set the monthly quota for Huabei

How to set the monthly quota for Huabei

Since Alipay went on the line of ant flower, many chop hands began to cut their hands crazily, but it costs money for a while, but not next month. If you want to control your hand cutting, you can adjust the quota of Huabei. Let's take a look at the Huabei quota setting process.

1, first we open Alipay mobile phone, click on landing after 'my'.

2. Click 'my' to enter the personal center and find 'Huabai' in it.

3. After clicking the Huabai page, click 'Settings' at the bottom right

4. In Huabei settings, we can choose 'quota settings'

5. In the limit setting, the minimum limit is 500. It should be noted that the limit setting can only be set once a month. If you want to set the limit, you must think twice

Well, the above is the way to set the quota for Huabai. If you need a partner, you can set it.