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What are the benefits of eating sweet potato in winter sweet potato is the most common food in winter. Many people like it whether it's steamed, roasted or boiled. Sweet potato not only tastes sweet, soft and glutinous, but also contains rich nutrients. It can clean up blood rubbish, cure diseases and strengthen the body. Do you know the benefits of eating sweet potato in winter? What are the precautions for eating sweet potato in winter Now!

Benefits of eating sweet potato in winter

Sweet potato contains a lot of mucin and potassium element, which can keep the elasticity of the blood vessel wall, clear the cholesterol sclerotic plaque on the blood vessel wall, and prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis.

Benefits of eating sweet potato in winter

Sweet potato is rich in carotene. It is a very effective antioxidant, which can inhibit the oxidation of LDL and deposit on the blood vessel wall, and also help to eliminate free radicals in the body.

Benefits of eating sweet potato in winter

The University of Tokyo, Japan, studied the cholesterol inhibitory effect of 130 foods and found that sweet potato has 10 times the effect of other foods. So, if you have high cholesterol, you can eat two more sweet potatoes.

In addition, there are more dietary fiber in sweet potato, which is very effective to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and prevent constipation. It also speeds up cholesterol excretion.

Benefits of eating sweet potato in winter 4: auxiliary blood sugar control

A clinical study at the University of Vienna, Austria, found that patients with type 2 diabetes had improved insulin sensitivity and helped control blood sugar after taking white skin sweet potato extract.

Benefits of eating sweet potato in winter 5: reduce the risk of stroke

Sweet potato is the absolute king of high potassium and low sodium. Research has found that potassium rich foods such as sweet potatoes can reduce the risk of stroke by 20%, according to the prevention journal.

Benefits of eating sweet potato in winter

American nutritionist Joey middot Bauer pointed out that the auxiliary effect of sweet potato is mainly due to its rich potassium element.

Because potassium and sodium are important elements that affect the blood pressure. If the human body ingests enough potassium, it will promote the blood to excrete excess sodium; eating food rich in potassium will also promote the balance of the mineral level in the body, and ultimately play a role in assisting the blood pressure.

In short, for patients with hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension and fatty liver, it is a very healthy way to eat some sweet potatoes or treat them as snacks.

No sweet potato in winter:

Sweet potatoes must be cooked thoroughly before eating

Sweet potatoes must be cooked thoroughly before eating, because the starch particles in sweet potatoes are not destroyed by high temperature and difficult to digest. Sweet potato contains an oxidase, which is easy to produce a large amount of carbon dioxide gas in the gastrointestinal tract. If you eat too much sweet potato, it will cause abdominal distention, hiccup and farting.

Eat sweet potatoes, heartburn, and pickles

Sweet potato has a high sugar content, eating more can stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, making people feel 'heartburn'. Therefore, it is best to eat sweet potatoes with a little salt vegetables, which can effectively inhibit stomach acid.

Eating sweet potato carefully in case of dyspepsia

Sweet potato has a lot of sugar, which can't be absorbed by the body for a while. The rest of it is easy to ferment in the intestine, making the abdomen uncomfortable. According to traditional Chinese medicine, those who suffer from dampness and stagnation of Qi should eat sweet potato carefully.

Sweet potato for lunch

Sweet potato lacks protein and lipid, so it should be eaten together with vegetables, fruits and protein food to avoid nutritional imbalance. Most importantly, sweet potatoes are best eaten during lunch time. This is because after eating sweet potato, the calcium contained in it needs to be absorbed in the human body for 4-5 hours, and the sunlight in the afternoon can promote the absorption of calcium. Eating sweet potato at lunch, calcium can be absorbed before dinner, will not affect the absorption of calcium in other food at dinner.

Sweet potato with skin

Many people like to eat sweet potato, but we don't usually eat its skin. In fact, the skin of sweet potato is a good thing.

The skin and flesh of plants are a pair of yin and Yang, and sweet potatoes are no exception. Sweet potato meat is "tonic", and sweet potato skin is "cathartic", that is, detoxification. Sweet potato flesh nourishes the spleen and stomach, sweet potato skin helps digestion; sweet potato flesh nourishes Qi, sweet potato skin ventilates; sweet potato flesh is more acidic, but sweet potato skin is more alkaline Eating sweet potato is easy to cause flatulence and heartburn. If you eat it with skin, you can solve these problems.

Special reminder: if the skin of sweet potato is discolored, black or brown, it means that it is partially rotten. At this time, it is not suitable to eat, let alone eat its skin.