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What are the symptoms of hypotension? What are the hazards of hypotension

What are the symptoms of hypotension? What are the hazards of hypotension? high blood pressure is a common disease in our life. People are easy to detect it. However, people often ignore the symptoms of low blood pressure in their life. What are the symptoms of low blood pressure? What are the hazards of low blood pressure? Let's take a look at them together!

What symptom does blood pressure drop have?

(1) after squatting for a long time, my eyes turn black and I feel like I'm blind

When I don't eat, I shiver all over. When I feel hungry, I shiver all over at any time

③ after exercise, it takes countless times more time than others to slow down

④ if the weather is a bit stuffy, it will be hard to breathe and numb hands and feet.

It's easy to get tired and feel weak after a lot of things are done

What are the hazards of hypotension

As long as the systolic blood pressure is lower than 100mmhg, it belongs to hypotension. The main symptoms of hypotension are dizziness, headache, anorexia, fatigue, pallor, dyspepsia, carsickness and seasickness. If the condition is serious, the patient may also have vertigo, cold limbs, palpitations, dyspnea, vague pronunciation, and even fainting. This is due to the decrease of blood pressure, resulting in slow blood circulation, distal microvascular ischemia, and affecting the supply of oxygen and nutrition to tissue cells, as well as the excretion of carbon dioxide and metabolic waste, and even the blood supply to brain and heart.

Long term hypotension can greatly reduce the function of the body, mainly including vision and hearing loss, memory loss, inducing or aggravating Alzheimer's disease, dizziness, fainting and falling down can greatly increase the incidence of fracture. In addition, it will lead to fatigue, mental fatigue, depression, depression and other situations.

According to foreign experts, hypotension may lead to cerebral infarction and heart infarction. Orthostatic hypotension is a serious condition, when the body position is changed, the blood pressure drops rapidly, and syncope occurs, resulting in forced long-term bedridden. In addition, long-term hypotension can also induce myocardial ischemia.