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What's the advantage of white vinegar in face washing

What's the advantage of white vinegar in face washing white vinegar is not only a seasoning, but also a good health care product. But it also has a function of whitening and skin care. Let's talk about the secret of white vinegar beauty. Come and have a look.

I. the advantages of white vinegar wash:

1. Whitening and firming skin

Is it useful to wash face with white vinegar? There are many benefits. For example, after the white vinegar is diluted with water, its acidic ingredients can soften the horniness on our skin. What's the benefit of such a white vinegar wash face? It can help us remove the aged horniness and make the skin more smooth and elastic.

2, wrinkle removal

Does white vinegar wash the face and whiten? Besides tightening the skin, what's the benefit of white vinegar wash the face? The effect of white vinegar on wrinkles is also good. Sticking to the correct method can alleviate the aging and wrinkle of the skin.

3, dispel spot

In addition, white vinegar can also inhibit the formation of melanin, which also has a certain effect on removing the mark and lightening the spot. So, now you probably know what's the benefit of white vinegar washing your face.

II. Precautions

However, it doesn't mean that you can use the white vinegar bought from the supermarket directly. Because the concentration of the white vinegar is still relatively high, it will be irritating to touch the skin directly, so when you use skin care products, you need to mix other solutions, such as adding water.

There are also all kinds of white vinegar in the supermarket. If you want to use it for skin care, you'd better look at its ingredients. Some of the added chemical ingredients are more, which is not suitable for face washing.

I also want to remind you that some people will try to wash their faces with white vinegar when they know what's good about it, but this method is not necessarily suitable for them, especially for sensitive skin, so we should be more careful.

III. magic tricks of white vinegar

One of the best ways to get rid of spot with white vinegar

When you wash your face in the morning and evening, don't worry about the normal steps of washing your face. Before washing your face, pour a small amount of white vinegar into the basin, mix it gently with your hands, and then wash your face with white vinegar water. When washing your face, don't use facial cleanser, just pat your face gently with your hands. After washing your face with white vinegar water, you can start the normal washing steps. White vinegar water can whiten the skin, lighten the spots, and smooth the wrinkles on the face. Its effect is amazing!

Two tips of white vinegar freckle removing: water, white vinegar, salt freckle removing water

Mix water, white vinegar and salt according to 9:3:1, and it becomes a magic spot removing water. Just put the clean towel in the "freckle remover" and soak it. After soaking, wipe the face with the towel. Remember to do it sooner or later. This self-made magic 'spot removing water' whitening and spot lightening effect is not small.

White vinegar spot removing trick three: white vinegar white gourd dressing water

When it comes to vegetable wax gourd, we all know that wax gourd can be used to eat. Not only that, it can be used with white vinegar. It can also be made into white vinegar wax gourd dressing water. Mash the wax gourd and take juice, then match it with a small spoon of white vinegar. After mixing evenly, wipe it on the face. After about 10 minutes, wash it off. Remember to use this white vinegar wax gourd dressing water twice or three times a day for the best results.

Four tricks of white vinegar to remove spots

In addition to the above tips, you can also choose to go to the drugstore to buy Atractylodes macrocephala, wash the Atractylodes macrocephala clean slices, and then soak it in a 1:10 ratio of white vinegar, about three days to a week. Of course, we need to make it clear that this water only needs to be wiped to the spot after you clean your face. After wiping, you need to clean it with water. This self-made white vinegar and Atractylodes macrocephala is the most effective way to dilute freckles.

White vinegar can really remove freckles! If you are worried about the freckles on your face, you can try the four magic tricks of white vinegar freckles shared by the above small knitting.